With the United Nations and the world abuzz about Burma’s Constitution you’d think positive change was afoot for this enslaved nation. But alas it is quite the contrary as the military junta imposes imprisonment and threatens student groups, opposition leaders and anyone who opposes the new Constitution. The ink is not even dry on this so called piece of double speak and the iron fist of totalitarian rule has already begun.

According to The Irrawaddy and secret sources, about 20 known political prisoners including members of 88 Generation Students Group may receive up to 20 more years added to their sentences under “Order 5/96”, a convenient order that effectively nullifies any and all constitutional efforts this new so called constitution could have possibly offered. In effect it gives the junta the right to arrest, detain, harass and torture anyone who opposes their rule. Makes justice as simply as one two three since there is no need for a trial. You just get arrested by the thought police then given your sentence. If you’re already in prison they simply pencil in more time. It is forbidden to debate or discuss the draft constitution. And it’s business as usual for the criminal military junta of Burma. This makes the Constitutional Referendum nothing more than sham and a smoke screen. I call it Corporate Sugar Coating and a thinly veiled attempt to protect outside interests who are heavily invested in Burma. Someone should tell that Gambari fellow about it. Maybe he’ll figure it out this time.

In essence anyone who exercises any form of free speech by print or by mouth and opposes the National Convention are in violation and subject to extensions of existing sentences or arrested without a trial. That should not be a surprise since some people just disappear. With at least 1,850 political prisoners in Burma’s prisons there are 97 who are “not accounted for”. More than likely, their dismembered bodies are scattered along the jungle floor, their heads on stakes as a warning to those who oppose military rule.

Since the murders perpetrated by the Burmese military junta in September of 2007, officials have been plotting a course for political reform referred to as a “road map”. In all actuality it is a maze filled with more dead ends and few solutions. Sadly, there is no route out of the maze fore all routes end in futility. The core essence is still totalitarian rule where all opposition is quashed, imprisoned and executed.

It is ironic the Khmer Rouge are being tried for the very atrocities that are being perpetrated on the Karen and other people of Burma at this moment. It’s a small wonder since 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated in the shadow of the world’s ambivalence. Eventually it all caught up to those who fostered racial hatred while administering their ghoulish form of eugenics. But what a price to pay for ignoring human suffering in spite of all the warnings there were. The plight of the American Indian was equally ghoulish and horrific and the world looked on. The Native struggle was relegated with colorful Wild West magazines and the struggle continues.

I’ve met refugees and those living in political asylum. The stories of death, mutilation and torture are beyond the most ghoulish moments in the latest Rambo movie. I can plainly see why these stories were omitted or left on the editor’s floor. The barbaric and grizzly truth about the cruelty and morbidity of the actions perpetrated by the military would repulse even the heartiest of stomachs. The scene itself would be deeply disturbing and most likely change the rating. Dismembering screaming and struggling children while family members watched was the story that got my attention. Raping a woman to death is another one that got my craw. Tribal women are systematically raped, tortured then killed by military troops all the time with absolutely no recourse. I still have issues over the kidnapped Burmese babies used to fatten up leeches for the restaurants though. When I’m talking with these survivors and I see the pain and horror in their eyes I also see a spark of hope. They truly love their native land and though it may seem like a far off dream. They wish someday to return to their homeland, customs and tradition and try to regain their innocence.

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