Buffalohair, Another Corporate Election, Another Pack of Lies, Err Rhetoric

Another Corporate Election, Another Pack of Lies, Err Rhetoric

It’s was nice of the mainstream media to select the next batch of corporate funded candidates. Even the polls have made it a point to steer the public towards one of the hand selected candidates on both sides of the political isle. After all, their parent companies have everything to gain by this selection of corporate lackeys. Corruption at its best and the general public continues to march to the drum of the Pied Pipers of deception. Talk is cheap and that was the lesson we should have learned from the last election snow job we got. How far beyond stupid is that?

Eloquent speeches don’t make a good president, experience and a sound track record of accomplishments does, or did. Charisma and double speak are the cornerstones of many candidates in true Orwellian flare. We can’t forget the proverbial race card for these are the tools needed to sway votes in this era of corporatism and deception. Toss in Teleprompters and behind the scenes speech writers and today’s presidents are nothing more than ‘pretty’ front men for the corporations who line their pockets. ‘Tell them what they want to hear’ is the axiom of today’s presidential elections, plain and simple. A nice lie is more palatable than the hard truth and like they say; sugarcoated ox dung is still dung. But in a society that continues to eat crap sandwiches, and like it, this is only desert. Bon Appétit…

With the media and Madison Avenue advertising prowess at the helm people would vote for a rock if they were instructed to by a glitzy commercial, paleeze. It is sad to note that loan sharking has become a cottage industry for the elitists who pray on the public. In the old day’s people only borrowed if they were in dire straights and it was considered an act of ‘Dealing with the Devil’. Now it’s a national pastime to accumulate impossible debt to buy frivolous and inconsequential gizmos and doodads solely to enhance the corporate bottom line. Extortion and bribery has also become a staple that once was considered bunko. Leave it to me to have changed my ways, I could have been fabulously wealthy by now since I would most likely be in the insurance racket. But timing is everything, be it my luck. Granted, getting slapped around by my ancestors one fateful day did play a role in straightening my life out, holay. They really kicked my ass big time. I should really write more about that, huh.

Funny how corporations can borrow billions of taxpayer dollars then belly up and declare bankruptcy, then laugh all the way to the bank while homebuyers loose their homes to foreclosures. There is no forgiveness for the citizens since foreclosures have also become a cottage industry for unscrupulous bankers. People who’ve already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for their homes simply loose their life long investment when they loose their jobs and miss a few payments and that’s an American travesty and a national shame. Lenders are cutting a fat hog in the ass since they get the repossessed home as well as all the previous payments plus the house to sell again, and again. That is a pure rip-off and from a gangster’s point of view, that is the perfect caper. How sweet it is to have the police in their pocket as they screw the people in broad daylight. Its shades of the Schutz Staffle as law enforcement agencies lay siege on families as if they were common criminals while throwing them out on the streets and seizing their possessions. In the shadows sits a shyster with a $5,000,000,000 a year pay check greedily licking his chops. Maybe this gyp’per will buy another platinum bidet from his ill gotten gains. John D. Rockefeller used to toss pennies out of his penthouse window for entertainment just to watch the poor scrap for the coins.

The lesson we should have learned from the last election is that talk is cheap since we were promised a new beginning but only got more of the same old crap sandwich as before. But we were given some very pretty speeches filled with what we wanted to hear and yearned for. Just another pack of lies and this election does not seem to be any better thus far. If only people selected presidents by their resume’ of accomplishments like employers do when accepting a job application. Just an ounce of common sense would work. Not this bimbo mentality of falling for some fast talker who just wants to get into your knickers. The consequences are the same, someone get screwed. Maybe then we would have people in Washington who are actually working for the people of the United States of America and not corporate thugs and lobbyists who’ve invested in China. Good thing this is the time of change since corruption has saturated every level of government from town halls to the White House.

After all, politicians around the country learned by example from the criminals at the top and its all about the money in this elaborate scam. Treason has become a fashion statement and patriotism became the scourge of corporations. Democracy was replaced with Oligarchy. As for the Constitution of the United States of America, it’s nothing more than a “G*D piece of paper” according to George W. Bush and his predecessor has taken this egregious and treasonous axiom to even greater heights than ever before. It has become a joke by the media when a candidate runs on a platform based on the Constitution. Suddenly people are the butt of jokes or disdain for having American flags on their homes or worse, their pick up trucks. And ‘we the people’ enjoin in the laughter as we blindly squander our own freedoms and civil liberties for a little bit of safety and convenience. Like Benjamin Franklin once quoted:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

Frankly, we are reaping what we have sown and there is more to come regardless of who we elect as president because the fix is in. We are asleep at the wheel, again, and there is nobody to blame but ourselves. But we can stem the tide of corporate treason.

We are not completely powerless to stop this wave of corruption and greed because corporations are not invincible regardless of how many politicians they buy. Just remember; ‘we the people’ still possess the weapon of corporate mass destruction and it’s the dollar bill. Let the NETFLIX fiasco be an example of the power of the people verses corporate goons. NETFLIX raised prices and the people said, “Screw You!” knocking NETFLIX off its lucrative pedestal. Personally, I changed to Red Box because of NETFLIX arrogance when people are already suffering financially. We don’t have to buy from corporations who continue to raise prices and we can strike them in the pocket book because without our money they will disappear. There are plenty of innovative and honest corporations waiting in the wings that would take their place and return jobs to this country if we chose to fight for our national identity. Don’t buy into the B.S. that companies are to big to fail because that is a big fat prevarication. Some corporations need to go away simply because they are too big and greedy.

If I were president I would disallow corporations who’ve betrayed America from coming back to the US. They can stay in China and enjoy the slave labor that filled their pockets while stripping America of its economic prowess. Treason should be addressed at all levels and the prisons that have been built in abundance would be filled with corporate thugs and treasonous politicians. Simply, I would return America to the Americans and I would stand by the Constitution of the United States of America as my platform. The moral principles it purveys, not the distorted legalese jargon scurrilous attorney politicians use to justify their criminality, would rule the land. In my America all religions, creeds and cultures would be equal as provided in the Constitution and I would outlaw the divide and conquer mentality politicians use to keep us artificially divided. Manifest Destiny would just be a bad memory and the indigenous populations that were colonized would walk with dignity once again. In the process I would save the rest of the population from the fate of being colonized like us indigenous types were.

All international agreements made by previous criminal politicians would be null and void the moment I took office since they were illegal and unconstitutional in the first place. As for this clandestine liaison with G*DLESS buttheads from space governments and secret societies coveted over the millennia’s, screw’em. There are truly benevolent beings out there and I would be the first to open up the books that reveal the fact we are not alone in the universe. Unfortunately corruption has many bedfellows and I would most likely be whacked for meddling in the activities of corrupt international corporate cartels and their elitist chums anyway. As for the election, it’s just a side show in the grand scheme of things so what’s the point in taking a slug for people who don’t care anyway?

Your Devil’s Advocate


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