Welfare for the Rich

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Welfare for the Rich

Never before in US history has such blatant criminal behavior been rewarded as it will be when the Bail-Out comes to pass. Bernake a Bush lackey has given Congress an ultimatum of sorts with tales of a grim financial future if Congress did not approve this latest act of extortion, the Bail-Out. King George was a very shrewd and manipulative task master as he led America down the path of financial ruin and you ask why.

From the very start GW has calculated every move that eventually bankrupted the nation. His callous and wrongful act of terrorism in Iraq has filled the coffers of his cronies ever since this war began while America was asleep at the wheel. Bush lied about the war, weapons of mass destruction and ignored the real cause of high fuel prices, the Enron Loophole that allowed for speculators to artificially raise the cost of fuel. It is funny how everyone forgot that tidbit of information already. The presidency has become nothing more than “The Liars Club” and all the new candidates are simply new liars.

So now John Q. Citizen will foot the bill for millionaires who’ve stolen billions from the American people already. Does not matter what kind of noble speeches all these criminal politicians make fore it is the corporate bottom line that will matter most of all. We will pay and pay dearly for generations while the mismanagers of the corporate world count their chips. “Crime does pay in America” will be the message we send out to the many budding democracies around the world. By our example leaders will follow suite and bankrupt their nations as well because it’s OK to lie to the public and it’s OK to steal from the public coffers. Thailand is already in a stalemate over Western Style Democracy and True Democracy. It is obvious Western Style Democracy is not actually Democracy but Corporatism in disguise.

Democracy does not exist in America as the founding fathers knew it. Though we claim to be free truly we are not fore we must pay just to sit under a tree. America was up for sale and no one had a clue as the architects of the New World Order sabotaged world economies and destroyed sovereignty in the free world. The current economical blocks around the world will soon blend into one as well. Already the main stream media is rallying for this One World Economy. The muse is that this will save the world from a recession. Hello McFly! We’ve been in recession for a long time now.

With millions of American jobs shipped over seas as well as Industries seeking environmental and labor law relief, there are few Americans who can afford homes. So who is going to benefit from this so-called Bail-Out? That’s a no brainer fore only the people who already have the money will benefit from the Bail-Out and they are the absolute minority. A select group of people and industries will reap the vast majority of the monies. John Q will be left in the dust while the rich get richer. All the eloquent speeches in the world will not cure the real suffering American’s will feel in the very near future. With both the Democratic and Republican leadership well into the pockets of the New World Order Americans have already lost and lost big time to corporate greed. In reality, it’s all over with, we lost and Fascist Corporatism won.

The American public has been duped and swindled in the most elaborate pyramid scheme in US history and it’s not done by a long shot. George will resort to starting another war if needed to distract the American public while the last remnant of the Constitution is obliterated. Welcome to the New World Order. The next round of handlers will undoubtedly enjoy GW’s executive orders giving them domestic and world wide power to do as they see fit. In all reality the lip service we hear from politicians who appear to be champions for the little guy are gleaning a handsome profit from the corrupt regime they claim to be fighting. They will say all the right stuff and endear the public with home spin ideologies and hope for America while pocketing the profits of corruption. How special. It’s a done deal eh, it’s part of the Earth Changes and there is no turning back.

Eventually there will be legislation restricting the flow of information. The reason will be for Homeland Security reasons. Journalists will be arrested for speaking against the state and the internet will be severely restricted. Civil liberties will have a price and the remaining journalists who are not tucked away on some island will become puppets of the state and part of the double speak multi-media propaganda machine. George Orwell was on target with his book 1984. Ronald Reagan was elected in 1984 and he planted the seeds of totalitarianism then began his assault on the poor. Don’t forget that it was Ronnie Ray-Gun who single-handedly destroyed Social Security. He also sent troops to Berkley to silence students of democracy or do you remember? Now his garden of corruption has blossomed into the New World Order. Ah but who is paying attention anyway? We will reap what we sow.

From an Indigenous point of view, it’s the same ole, same ole. The only difference is lines at the Food Stamp office will be much, much longer.

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