Lets Hate Muslims and Other Stupid Ideas

“Let’s Hate Muslims” and Other Stupid Ideas

As a parent of a commando with other relatives in the military I find it absolutely appalling and down right stupid for religious leaders and Politicians to promote the hatred of Muslims. What the hell are these mindless boneheads thinking in the first place? Do these dolts realize our allies are Muslims and our kid’s lives depend on this alliance to stay alive??? Dare I mention all the Christians in Muslim Countries that are feeling the wrath of mindless loud mouth Muslim haters in America? How far beyond stupid is that?

I have many active military friends and relatives and they tell a different story about the nuts and bolts of the wars in the Mid-East. One of the most critical alliances we have is with the Muslim communities for this partnership saves American lives throughout the Arab world, there is no question. Imagine how many more of our kids would be killed if we used the axiom of these infinitely stupid morons who insult Islam. To label all Muslims as terrorist or Jihadist is like me labeling all Christians either a General George Armstrong Custer or John M. Chivington clone because they killed in the name of their Christian G*D under authority of Manifest Destiny. Eugenics was popular back then and it’s gaining popularity as progressive politicians suggest there are too many people on earth, what pinheads. That means it is A-OK to let the needy starve to death. What a perfect reason to hate, to save the planet from over population and rid society of sponges that sap profits and make the neighborhood look bad.

Beating up Christians in revenge for the wholesale slaughter of my people would be ridiculous at best. There are many fine Christians and the actions of some Euro-fugee thugs in the past should not reflect on the whole culture, capice? I don’t mean to imply everything is peachy-keen for us red guys because we still face many formidable challenges including but not limited to abject poverty, starvation, disease and freezing to death in the winter on our respective colonies. Not every tribe has a kick ass casino you know. In any event I know missionaries, theologians and a sweet old lady who makes me latkes during Hanukkah. I don’t blame them for the atrocities that were committed by blue coat cavalry cretins in the name of Manifest Infamy many moons ago. Besides, I have many relatives who are Christians, and they’re full blood Cheyenne. They are more than welcome to attend our Sundance Ceremonies regardless of their new path to the Creator. After all, they are our people and we love them. We don’t hate or pass judgment on people for how they pray or who they date for that matter. What a waist of juice. And boneheads call us savages, oy vey.

The world is focusing more on Asia these days so I guess Buddhists will be the next target of hate baiting fools to hustle donations for their dogma or invade something. China is murdering Uyghur’s now so I guess we can still hate Muslim’s because Uyghur’s are Muslim for the most part. I still feel bad for those Uyghur’s who spent part of their lives in Guantanamo because China said they were terrorists, like the pot calling the kettle black eh. Just to be fair we should also hate the Falun Gong. China is torturing, raping and killing them almost daily in black jails. The CCP has done a fine job conditioning their population to hate and now ordinary citizens can enjoy hating Falun Gong while authorities cheer them on. On the bright side Falun Gong lives are clean and moral so their internal organs are ripe for harvesting whence they succumb from torture. China literally kills two birds with one stone when dealing with them pesky Gong types. Chinese authorities torture them egregiously making sure not to damage internal organs earmarked for transplant and still have the pleasure of killing them in slow methodical decisively brutal and grotesque flair. Christians, Buddhist and anything else with a spiritual connection are also targeted I might add.

This hate thing is actually quite lucrative when you think about it. We hate Muslims, find an excuse to murder them, and then take all their oil in the name of Democracy & Globalization, what a contradiction of terms. The Falun Gong is already being systematically harvested for organs and labor camps are teaming with these innocent people so all we need to find is a good reason to hate them as well. I have an idea; since Li Hongzhi’s Falun Gong mingle with Buddhists we can just lump them all together and hate them equally since we don’t want to appear partial. Surely they can work in the fields since we ran all the Mexicans off. We could open a few Asian Buffets and work them 16 hours a day at 7 days a week just like Chinese corporations do in America. The best part is they can be stored in the basement of the restaurants, just toss them a few used mattresses and let them eat the unsold food. And what a boon to the medical communities to have all those healthy human parts for transplant and scientific research. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

In Burma there is a military dictator who murders his people for monetary gain and shear erotic pleasure. His named is Generalissimo Than Fe-ces Shwe. He was an intelligence officer, master of mind control & torture and has the morals of Jack the Ripper, definitely politician material. He mastered the art of hate by baiting and manipulating the masses as a tool to divide and conquer this once proud nation. Religion and ethnicity are his weapons of mass destruction since he has his fellow countrymen fighting and even killing each other while he and his thugs rob the nation blind. Why does that sound soooooo familiar? Than Shwe’s minions plant bombs in monasteries, churches, temples and shopping malls then plants incriminating evidence implicating Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and members of the National League for Democracy. This causes a great divide between ethnic and religious groups and it saves the junta tons of money since they don’t have to waste ammo.

Throughout the years he and his thugs managed to hijack the Buddhist faith and use religion as an excuse to murder the opposition while allowing corporations to do as they wished within Burma’s borders. He also infiltrated various other religions with deep cover agents or moles that monitor these groups and reports their every move. Some agents have been in deep cover within these groups for 20 or more years according to reliable sources within the country. Concern for the publics welfare, forget about it. Standard Oil is notorious for abuses of the locals just like Daewoo, Hyundai and many other corporations who violate sanctions at their leisure. Ban ki-moon made sure to accommodate the junta with many fine Korean companies that shared in hating the Burmese people for fun and profit. Raping Burmese chicks has become a right of passage for foreign corporate goons.

Shwe is not Buddhist but he pretends to be and uses religion as an excuse to torture, rape and murder Kachin’s, Karen’s, Shan and other ethnic groups who are either Christians, Muslims or Buddhists. He is an equal opportunity murderer and kills fellow Bama with equal fervor. Though some flunky general named Thein Sein claims to be the president of this beleaguered country it is Uncle Than, his fetid gang of deviants and drug deals who still call the shots. Than Shwe does not want people to see his shriveled cancer ridden ass these days and prefers to rule in secrecy so his phony civilian government can look legitimate as his minions panhandle for international cash. Though Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is free from bondage she is still a hostage and Than Shwe is useing her like eye candy to chum investors under the guise of legitimacy. I hate that.

Poor Thein Sein is just an elaborate yes-man and fall guy and will ultimately face the International Criminal Court for is personal acts of depravation committed on Burma’s ethnic populatons. It’s kind of funny in a way to note that some of Than Shwe’s generals also have a taste for lustful perversions as well as their wives according to people who were sexually assaulted by them when serving as gardeners, house boys and maids. They are a sick lot and I only skimmed the surface of their fetid nature for child soldiers are the sex kittens of some officers and generals. I’d rather see Than Shwe in court but I doubt that rotten soul will be around much longer anyway and I hate that too.

There is justice for haters like Than Shwe and from what I’ve seen in visions and dreams there is an ancient king named Alaungpaya who really wants a piece of Than’s ass in a very big way. Shwe’s reward for destroying Alaungpaya’s beloved Burma will be an eternity of hate filled justice from Alaungpaya and a myriad of other noble rulers of Burma. On the bright side Than Shwe and his hate baiting generals/civilians have the blessings of the International Monetary Fund and the corporate world. They are at Burma’s door steps ready to rob her resources and capitalize on the abundance of cheap slave labor.

Bill “Sweat Shop” Clinton and George “Colonization” Soros are already licking their chops as other global oligarchists divvy up the spoils and bounty of Burma’s brimming natural resources. So it is more than obvious that western corporate politicians will need to find a link with Muslims that will justify invading Burma to liberate the gold and uranium mines, oil and gas fields and a myriad of natural and agricultural resources. We must not forget all those impoverished Burmese who would make excellent slaves. Funny how a little planning and a few strategic lies can manipulate the masses into destroying themselves.

At this juncture it is getting hard to differentiate between good guys and the bad since they all appear to be cut from the same cloth. They all use religion and ethnicity to manipulate the masses into a frenzy to hate Muslims, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists and anyone else who would dare to stand in the way or dare to disagree. But on a more personal front I find it patently offensive for American clergy and bonehead politicians to rant and snivel about Islam and Muslims like they all are Al Qeada and co-pilots of the dubious 9-11 flights.

The frosting on the cake of absolute stupidity is to dig below the belt and assault another culture’s sacred icons and religion. These boneheads are directly responsible for all the Christian church burnings around the world as well as the rise of killing Christians through out the world. What are you imbeciles thinking anyway? The fact our military depends on friendly Muslim nation’s to use air space, facilities and operatives should be reason enough for morons to keep their stupid pie holes shut. Are donations and offerings that important the lives of our soldiers are expendable? Or do they even care who they hurt while pandering to the public for cash while disrespecting other religions and jeopardizing the lives of our kids? Just remember, every time one of these political or religious rumkins opens their fetid crap trap an American service man or woman dies needlessly because some they insulted a guide or interpreters religion and the core of their belief system. It is the loud mouth hater who has the blood of American soldiers on their hands for their actions started a chain of events that ultimately comes full circle and one more of our kids dies.

My son is in Special Forces and I would really like to see my son alive and in one piece whence he finishes his hitch protecting a democracy most of you fools don’t even appreciate. And I’m not a happy camper with politicians who run their mouths about the Navy seals or any other Special Forces group just to make political fodder and pander for voted. Why the hell are you morons targeting our soldiers by offering focus on operations that were once considered clandestine?

Now Peace Prize Obama is proposing to give Russia our missile secrets and I must ask; “How Far Beyond Stupid Is That?”

Your Devil’s Advocate…….and pissed off parent

© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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