Buffalohair, Crucify Soldiers for Peeing While Bankers Walk For Destroying

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

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Crucify Soldiers for Peeing While Bankers Walk For Destroying

If I stand alone on this issue, so be it. But I find it reprehensible that real criminals of the world are allowed to walk scot free with absolutely no accountability for destroying millions of lives. The numbers of the dead from suicide, starvation and murder from the epic losses sustained from Banker criminality places them in the ranks of mass murderers, military dictators and street thugs. That’s OK; we can ignore that since we are invested in the corporations they steal for. Its better we screw Americans, especially the pawns of corporate greed, our soldiers.

Funny how Bloody Bashar Al Assad of Syria can continue his campaign of wholesale genocide in the publics eye with torture rape and murder at his leisure and the daily news barely says a peep. Good thing Assad the Bloody has some very powerful corporate friends. Taking the Marine incident completely out of the context of war and bashing them by their own government officials was the most blatant act of treason our government could have committed. These soldiers were in a situation that civilians are completely insulated from, heavy combat and the urinatee’s only moments ago were trying to kill the urinators’ and so goes the spoils of victory. If someone was trying to kill me and I won, I would cut their frigging head off and mount it on a stick. Just stab that vertebrae below the skull in the disc and follow the dotted line, capice? Hmm, this has my PTSD all fired up and I will have some juicy dreams tonight. Gads, I live in the sticks and my neighbors can still hear my screams at night.

These Marines are not criminals and from what I witnessed over the years, their actions were actually a relatively mild act of revenge on enemy combatants. I can’t tell you how many noses, ears, fingers and scalps I’ve seen from friends returning from Vietnam, Iraq and places the media does not cover where soldiers fought for American interests. And this is true for the opposing forces that engage in combat and this tradition goes back to the time of the Sumerians. *The Skull & Bones of G.W. Bush fame was sued of the possession of Geronimo’s skull in their club house. People barely raised an eye brow and that was a very telling and reveling snapshot of a sick society come to think about it. You people are lost and deserve what is just around the corner because you have no loyalty to anything other than cash and stupid electronic toys that will soon be worthless. Screw it, enjoy the seeds of destruction you are planting in civil society but don’t come crying to me when you reap your bitter harvest. Besides, I just might make you a lawn decoration like at the House of Vlad. Wow, it’s PTSD City for me today. But then again it was said by my old crew I could eat a cannoli while sitting on a stack of stiffs. Yup, I can feel the anxiety from my PTSD already. If you ain’t been there, then you don’t know.

The fact politicians including Barry Obama and Billary Clinton were watching the capture of Osama Bin Laden live on satellite TV then ordering him to be murdered was probably the most obscene thing I ever heard a so called civilized nation do. What a fine example we made for the world. Osama was killed on White House Reality TV and the ghouls who watched with glee a live murder exemplified the pure evil that has descended on Washington. The soldiers only pissed on the dead in a common act of victory and they will most likely face charges, loose their careers, benefits and their futures for being soldiers in the heat of combat. This will be America’s darkest day because we’ve chosen to betray our own. I have more respect for the Taliban because they even said this incident would not have a negative bearing on the peace process. But let’s have a media conviction in the global kangaroo court of public opinion. Then toss our warriors in the trash like we did with democracy and the Constitution of the United States of America. Maybe we should just execute the Marines without a trial. That would save money and as we should know by now, money is everything for money is G*D.

The Clintons are batting a thousand; Bill sold American industrial might to China crippling the economy and turning the US into a service industry nation populated by college educated burger flippers. As a front man for the IMF he is the face of extortion for many third world countries according to economists in countries I’ve spoken to. Hillary and Barry O. have their hands drenched in blood for the murder of Osama Bin Laden. Rather than let him face his day in court with a strong possibility he would be executed upon conviction, we kill him and toss the body in the drink without any proof it was him? This is the actions of people with something to hide and it makes me wonder what Hillary and Obama are trying to cover up in the first place. After all, Osama was an international playboy with links to the best schools in the US while his family made billions from the US Government as a contractor around the world. Hmm, I wonder. But that’s OK and crimes against humanity in Syria are OK also since Assad is friends with corporate thugs, but let’s screw the Marines over for displaying combat fatigue and signs of PTSD. We can always draft more people since life is expendable and there are too many people on earth anyway. Maybe Barry O and Billary are bucking for another Nobel Peace Prize since it is clear they have all the qualifications. Silly me.

Oh well, if you don’t care then it’s all on you but as for me I stand with our soldiers who are more a victim than criminals. You train them to kill then you jail them when they do. When they are discharged you screw them over and rob them of benefits and poison them with tons of experimental drugs while reporting to pharmaceutical companies with test results. Do VA Officials get paid vacations like bogus pill doctors do for prescribing these toxic poisons to patients in this grandiose experiment with human life? One day this scam will be uncovered and American’s will wonder why our finest men and women who gave their all were treated like dirt after fighting wars then treated like guinea pigs when they came back home. I know heroes from the Vietnam War who still struggle to get their back pay from unconcerned VA officials who never pick up the phone. This holds true for the vets today and suicide has become the other alternative for our wounded heroes. My brother Rayburn was in the Third Marine Division in Vietnam and he gets a big fat zero from the VA. I could write a book on the atrocities being committed on our vets by worthless scum bags who don’t even know what the smart end of a rifle is. Shame on you, shame on America.

As the vermin of political corruption dissects the world while destroying democracies and preparing for civil unrest from angry citizens they betrayed, nature has another idea. And it’s a good thing since man is either powerless or just too stupid to see the trees for forest. The laws of nature will not be abridged or ignored and it’s the elitists and their minions who are earmarked for extinction by natural selection. They may rule their fellow man with an iron fist, fanciful lies and deception but they are helpless kittens in a cardboard box by comparison to nature and the elements of the four directions. Betrayal is the moniker of the greedy and it has become the law of the land for all intents and purposes. Semper Fidelis is the moniker of the United States Marine Corps; it means ‘Always Faithful’ and it’s in direct conflict with the status quo and the axiom of global greed.

Treachery and betrayal are also critically important signs within all the dogmas of the world. They verifying the time of change marking the final countdown to the end of this cycle of deception, hate and greed. But you should already know that if you were really a Muslim, Christian or any other dogma you claim to be for that matter but maybe you are just as much a fraud as the rest of them. It was also prophesized the majority of the populations would march to their own demise following the false prophet or profits anyway. Just remember that man will run neck and neck with nature as we approach the conclusion of this cycle. But it will be an exercise in futility since man is destined to fail even before Ma Earth flexes her muscles proving exactly how powerless mankind really is and I don’t feel sorry for you one bit. What comes around goes around.

* http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29265600/ns/us_news-life/t/geronimos-kin-sue-skull-bones/

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