Earth Changes 101





Earth Changes 101

So the world is going to hell in a hand basket you say. And from what it appears, it’s going to hell on many levels. Well duh, gads it does not take a Rhodes Scholar to notice prophecy from all dogmas are coming to pass. Are we really that far beyond stupid? Sadly, I fear this is the case for most of the so called civilized world. The Pied Piper of contemporary wisdom has lead the world astray I fear.

This month I attended our Sundance. Granted, it’s a tribal thing and a very special time for me and my people. It also afforded me the opportunity to speak with my elders. I needed to touch base on observations and events over the last year. “Time of Change” hmmm, I see it in every facet of our existence. Anyway, I needed some insights only my elders could give me.

Enter my uncle, he is a very well versed and articulate elder. He is one of the keepers of our sacred traditional ways. He can answer a question with just a few sentences where others would require volumes. His wisdom, sightfulness, and great knowledge of prophecies keep me in awe. I am forever humbled by his presents though he requires no such thing. Very much a senior, he was at our gathering doing his thing, sharing wisdom, ancient ways and traditions.

Anyway, the morning after our ceremony was completed I was doing trash detail around our camp. It was a very nice day and I was enjoying the coolness of the morning air. Kids were running around laughing and caressing the innocence of their youth. As I panned our site I could not help but notice the Ti Pi’s. Smoke was billowing from the encampments. Cedar intertwined with the pungent aroma of sage wafting in the air. And for a moment in time I was whisked hundreds maybe thousands of years back. It was a time whence we roamed the Earth unencumbered by the necessities of this contemporary era. I embraced the moment and savored its essence. At that moment, a car with Montana plates drove up. It was my uncle.

There was no question this was going to be an educational encounter. Our discussions always lead to the world and the changes that abound us. At first I felt as if I was being a bit over zealous in my perceptions of what I considered “signs”. I’ve had this feeling of urgency for quite some time now. Objectivity was my greatest concern and uncle was just the person I needed to talk to. Funny how it works out that way huh.

I told him about my observations, encounters and the wild news stories I’ve uncovered or exposed since we spoke last. For me, change was everywhere in the news. Does not matter what dogma you reside in, or where you live on the planet, change is everywhere and on many plains. The dynamic of this change is all encompassing. No facet of our existence will be untouched. Though we are scrambling to repair the damage to our planet, we’ve long since past the point of no return. The cycle of cleaning has already begun. Whether it was man’s production of carbon dioxide or nature’s contributions it’s a done deal at this juncture. It was comforting to know I was not misinterpreting what I was witnessing in society and nature. As sad as my observations and visions were I was on the money according to my uncle.

There was one front we both agreed mankind was ill prepared to cope with. For whatever reason, modern society has forsaken the understanding of the spirit world. Relegated to fairy tales and religious folklore the spirit world has become a non entity. It has no place in modern society. Misconception about the other side and its inhabitance has placed people in a cloud of ignorance and confusion. Many people I speak to simply don’t want to think about it and choose to live oblivious to this reality. Then there are those who simply don’t buy into any of this and that’s cool also. It’s not my place to make a person believe as I do. Take it or leave it. It ain’t nothing but a thang.

So the modern world has no need for knowledge and understanding of the spirit world. Many don’t register it; some don’t want to think about it while others don’t believe any of it. For the most part the spirit world is fodder for horror movies and demonic tales filled with pagan ritual. So what pray tell will all these people do whence the spirit world begins to interface more and more with this plain? That’s in prophecies as well. For all intents and purposes this phenomenon is already occurring across the globe. Some people are coming into the paranormal as they discover another side of their persona. Others go off the deep end think they are medicine people or something, gawd. Then there are those who take tons of meds just so they don’t have to cope at all.

In my culture we deal with spirits all the time. We have a daily understanding of spirits of the other side. Spirits usually arethe culprits of many maladies and human drama. And we struggle with the aftermath of unwelcome entities that ravage our lives like everyone else. So imagine how the populations of the world will react when the spirit world enjoins our plain of existence. It will be pandemonium as people freak out over relatively mild encounters. The concerns over the physical aspects of Ma Earths changes will be overshadowed by people literally being scared to death. Ill prepared to cope with realities of a supernatural nature many people will simply perish from fear. Stick around, the show is about to get interesting and we got the best seats in the house.

Hmm, was this a news story?

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