Our Technological Achilles Tendon

Our Technological Achilles Tendon


As our modern society bases everything on technology a religious parable comes to mind. Have we built our proverbial home on a foundation of sand rather than rock? When you consider how frail our technology actually is, it is not hard to conceive that modern man has placed their eggs in one basket. With millions of people tossed into the Stone Age from a winter storm electricity is not as dependable as once thought. Seems more and more people are experiencing power outages for extended periods of time these days. Without electricity even the most technologically advanced doodads will not function. And to think a grain of silicon sand is the corner stone of this technology.

With a hole in our magnetosphere 4 times larger than the Earth we should be a bit concerned. With our atmosphere filling with highly charged particles (ions and electrons) as we speak it’s only a matter of time before we experience wide spread power outages. Without the protection of our magnetosphere we are taking a direct hit from the sun. Scientists already predicted anomalous weather conditions and as we can plainly see, electricity is the first casualty. There are no green solutions for the impending disasters that lay in wait for humanity fore we are experiencing “The Perfect Solar Storm”. Whether you like it or not this event is out of man’s control.

Knowing what we do about solar storms and its effects on power grids you’d think we would get a heads-up about this situation. After all it is our tax payer buck that has financed all this scientific research. The cost of which has been astronomical to say the least. Though the data is available, you have to hunt for it. Scientists have warned us about many Earth changing events yet no one is listening. Opinion, politics and financial concerns have overshadowed real science with fanatical misconceptions and inaccuracies. And now, Americans are living in shelters as anomalous weather patterns plunge parts of our nation into a double digit deep freeze destroying power lines in its wake.

Fragile at best, electricity is the weak link in contemporary life. With questionable weather patterns as well as pending electro magnetic disasters technology will soon becoming unreliable. With the discovery of Galvanic Batteries and electronic devices in the ruins of ancient Egypt there is no question electricity was no secret to the ancients. Hieroglyphics depicted light bulbs with filaments according to engineers and Egyptologists. The absents of tell tale soot in dark caves clearly indicated there was a different source of light. Murals painted in these caves thousands of years ago were still pristine and did not show the usual signs of smoke damage. Did some unknown atmospheric anomaly stem the further development of this advanced technology? Or did the ancients simply loose interest in electricity? With more discoveries being made in ancient ruins across the globe it is clear we are not the first civilization to stumble across electricity or even the computer. The Antikythera Mechanism found in an ancient ship wreck off the coast of Greece was a sophisticated device that accurately mimicked the wobble in the moons orbit. Other precise astronomical calculations were discovered as well. Advanced knowledge of the cosmos by the ancient Mayan culture still baffles scientists today. So it is not hard to imagine our so called advance culture could face such an untimely demise of technology.

With our atmosphere filling with highly charged ions and electrons, electricity is sure to be compromised and all who placed their trust in the technological egg basket may soon find themselves in the dark. It was mentioned in many Indigenous prophecies that modern thing would become useless during the time of great change. If a snow storm can plunge 2 million people into chaos in the dead of winter, imagine what would happen if we are cast into another mini Ice Age. You remember what they say about building a house on a foundation of sand. Is it a metaphor? After all, we’ve built our technological empire on silicon sand. This may very well be mankind’s Achilles Tendon.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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