The Earth Counts Coup While the Greedy Counts Their Gold

The Earth Counts Coup While the Greedy Counts Their Gold

It was said that a drowning man would reach for the hand of the Devil himself in desperation. It was also said a rich man would die in his sleep from starvation while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow. These phrases are metaphorical and ‘signs’ verifying the time of change. Living with many visions it is clear as the schnozzola on my face we have entered a more virulent phase of earth changes. Prophecies from a myriad of dogmas and ideological principles are coming to pass and getting harder to pass off as coincidences but all we care about is the stock market and the corporate bottom line. How far beyond stupid is that?

Predictable, tyranny has gone global as corrupt bankers and political conscripts lay the ground work for the New World Order. Austerity is nothing more than the loss of a nation’s sovereignty as non elected foreigners suspend constitutions and lay financial siege on its citizens. Ironically Greece was the first nation to taste the loss of its democracy through the unscrupularity of shy lark bankers and treasonous politicians. It is inevitable democracy will die around the world as criminals disguised as politicians vey for the fabled New World Order. Criminality at it’s best as bankers get away with murder while the public pays for the sins of corporate thugs. Occupy Wall Street has many faces regardless of how the mainstream media tries to paint them. It’s the people of the world verses corruption and bogus politicians plain and simple.

It is Disaster Capitalism at its best as the one world government comes into being. The streets of every city on the planet will be painted with the blood of betrayed citizens. Prisons will fill to capacity as their civil liberties are striped and replaced with corporate friendly regulations that replace constitutions. Funny part is; this is also prophecy coming to pass as the greedy race for the cash at the expense of the oblivious populations of the world. Russia and China are also headed down the path of their own demise as corrupt leaders welcome the New World Order for communism has been replaced with fascism, better known as corporatism. Benito Mussolini would be proud since it was he who coined the phrase;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power”

Literally a hand full of trillionaires have accomplished what bombs and bullets could not achieve; the financial takeover of the world. Nations are already being relegated to economic zones or unions and all people are concerned with is borrowing enough money to by a stupid iPad. Truly, civil society has disappeared and citizens no longer exist for they are called consumers now. The greedy are counting their ill gotten gains as millions of people continue to lose their homes and way of life. It’s all about the money paisan and that’s the bottom line. Sadly all good things must come to an end and this race for the cash will eventually come to a crashing halt as Ma Earth flexes her muscle. Prophetically speaking; money will become useless and technology will be mankind’s Achilles tendon as natural events unfold, coincidentally of course.

No place on earth will be spared from the wrath of Ma Earth and mankind will be humbled to the point of submission. It happened before and it’s about to happen again. There is no amount of gold that will alter this destiny, not even the elitist’s secret liaison with some stellar boneheads. Personally I think these creeps live underground. The Vatican also paved the way for the introduction of celestial life forms in recent weeks so don’t be surprised when nations proclaim the existence of so called benevolent beings. Personally, I believe these fetid beings are the proverbial anti-Christ writhe with false prophets. Just look at who these space dorks hang out with, carbon based lowlifes who’ve killed in the name of G*D and used religion to control the masses throughout the ages.

From a paranormal perspective; there are many beings here that are poised to make their presence known. Some are the buttheads who lead this civilization astray several thousand years ago and shared technology that murdered millions of people. There are others who truly walk in a good way and are here for the sake of humanity for the stage is set. Apparently they are here to kick some celestial ass when these butt-cracks from space make their move on this planet with the help of their earthly counter parts. Sounds far fetched eh, but you should see my visions for they reveal events I still have no words for. I just hope the batteries in my camera are charged since there will be one heck of a light show when the proverbial crappola hits the fan in the sky. In fact, there are many light shows in store for us to gawk at in the future. Hopefully I don’t get zapped by a blasted space Frisbee, asteroid or an incontinent buzzard.

Man’s race for the cash will be a futile gesture at the very least as people freak out over the true realities of our existence. The dork’s the elitists and secret societies are privy to are G*DLESS beings and walk a dark path. I am glad their bony asses will be in the wind and there is no way I will accept them as G*D’S or anything other than stellar douche bags. There is nothing benevolent about them or the people they are exclusive to. We are in for some wild times at Ridgemont High boys and girls and we all have a front row seat. My brother Rayburn and I have our lawn chairs at the ready and we will kick back on our rez and watch the show from our patio. That reminds me, I better stock up on Tanka Bars, Cracklings and Arizona Ice tea. I don’t want to miss out on the end of the world because I had to go to the 7-11 for more victuals, I hate that.

Prophecy spells redemption and release from bondage because there is a happy ending and not the end of the world like so many people believes this to be. Hmm, maybe it will be the end of the world for some folks but for us indigenous types it’s the rebirth of humanity as this scurrilous cycle comes to a close. Granted I’ll have to break out my mukluks and seal skin coat for the Ice Age is just around the corner boy’s and girls. After a few glaciers scrub man’s fetid existence off the face of the planet Ma Earth will be good to go until man screws things up again. And I’ll bet those trillionaires will starve to death in their sleep using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow. But in the meantime we will watch as mankind rushes for the gold at the expense of others. Like thieves in the night Ma Earth is counting coup and she is picking up the pace so be prepared and have a back pack ready for it might contain the last vestiges of modern society.

If you actually read your sacred books and paid attention, regardless of dogma, you would already know man’s reign of tyranny and greed is just about over for the ‘signs’ are everywhere to behold. Like the old adage goes; “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth” so there is a happy ending to the earth changes after all. I look forward to it since man is completely powerless to stem this tide of greed and lies. Ma Earth is going to kick some major ass so be prepared. And if you paid attention to your sacred books you would already be hooked up with some very cool spirit but that’s another story paisan, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

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