Buffalohair, Earth Change-O-Rama

Earth Change-O-Rama

Needless to say prophecy is moving right along as scheduled while man marches forward in quest of material wealth and world domination, at the expense of others. Does not matter which dogma one pursues, the signs are everywhere. Also dictated within ancient sacred texts is the fact many people will choose to ignore the obvious and follow the Pied Pipers of Deception to their inevitable doom. My question to them is; “Did you bump your head?”

Soon we will be introduced to the culprits who guided elitists to this end and many people will stand in awe of this reality, gads. People will consider them G*D’S like elitist ancestors did thousands of years ago. Others will quiver in fear, overwhelmed by this celestial revelation. I say “Screw’em!” and the Frisbee they flew in on. And that goes for those smack-talking spirits of darkness as well. These guys meddle with world governance, human emotions while moving the masses towards their own self demise, I hate that.

Spirits are just spirits and they are either good or bad. It does not matter what they say, look like or the junk they fly, plain and simple. We are in the midst of a major spirit war and it has already spilled onto our plain of existence. It’s a major part of the era we live since this influence is literally driving people crazy. If only folks paid attention to their sacred book or oral tradition this would be a no-brainer. There would be a practical understanding of our true existence without all the foolishness. Its not rocket science knowing how to deal with bonehead spirits just a little thing called absolute faith within your tradition.

Since all people posses the ‘gift of free will’ it is up to them personally to find their place in the real world. There is no free ride and people must jump through all the hoops before they can move forward. There are no short cuts and ultimately we all must travel the same path. If people don’t get a grip on the supernatural side of our existence they are toast and it does not matter how many bells or bibles they have. If Moses did not have a clue about the supernatural he would still be in Egypt picking cheese out of Pharos toes.

As far as space dudes are concerned, there are many. Get over the fact they exist, that’s old news. We hear about the browns, grays, reptilians but others are making an appearance these days. Within all space guys it’s the same drill as with spirits as far as sorting out bad guys. Appearances can be very deceiving since they look different anyway. People go ga ga when they encounter anything paranormal or out of the norm and that is the last thing you want to do. Constantine blew it big time. Charlemagne drove the point home and now the world is in the grips of pure evil because ancient elitist boneheads went ga ga over some spirit or space dude with flashy stuff and that sucks. Talk about Anti-Christ looking, in any event this religious razmataz took a toll on humanity and man has killed in the name of G*D ever since. Jesus, Jesus who? It would appear they blew off all the cool stuff Jesus and his dad had to say and misrepresented their sacred texts ever since. How far beyond stupid is that?

I don’t give a flying crappola if some space dude or spirit did help build pyramids and knew all the wonders of the world; if they hang out with the greed filled buttheads of world domination today, they can eat my shorts. My main concern would be if they are good or not and within my tradition I have ways of sorting these boneheads out. In fact; all traditions and religions have ways to deal with these juvenile delinquents of the paranormal. When you truly follow your custom, tradition, ritual, blab, blab, blab there is one thing you must have that is universal to all paths of conscience and that is ‘absolute faith’. You should also be walking in a good way as prescribed within your sect, provided your ilk does not require human sacrifice. That could be an issue in some municipalities. Hmm, I walk OK, just sometimes I trip but I don’t spill my beer eh.

You really must have no fear of any entity since fear is their fuel. Like the ole saying goes, “It’s better to be pissed off then to be pissed on” and you can’t take crap from them. Only you can give them the access to screw with you more intensely and that is through fear. It’s just street rules with dead guys when you think about it. You show fear they chump you and take your milk money. Stand up and don’t take no crap and they will back down. It’s just like being back on the streets homeboy/girl. Show face with no fear, have absolute faith within your dogma and get ready to box. You know your sacred homie has your back and that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t go to a gun fight with a picket knife on any level of my existence and neither should you. The help you need in dealing with evil and its conscripts is written with the pages of all dogmas and ideological principals throughout the universe.

For people who are sensitive, they are already experiencing the influx of more activity within the astral plain. Lots going on spiritually speaking as a variety of new spirits make themselves known on our plain of existence, there goes the neighborhood. To me the spirit world is more like a freeway on rush hour. There is lots of traffic and it’s easy to get lost if you miss your turn. You got to pay attention since there are many distractions that can really throw you off course. This is where you tippy toe into the den and pull out your sacred book and thumb through a few pages to get a clue what I’m talking about. I can’t tell you specifically how to cruise the spirit world, that’s your personal journey within your faith or principles.

It’s not just earthquakes, tornados, civil unrest or other catastrophic human events we as a global community must prepare for. The increased interface with the spirit world and all its inhabitants is a major component within the matrix of this time of change. This event also offers focus on the true nature of our existence shaking the very foundation and sensibilities of some people.

As far as prophecies are concerned; it’s full steam ahead. If you plan to survive the supernatural aspect of this epoch you better find your mojo.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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