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Buffalohair, CA. Miwok Tribe Wins Tribal Sovereignty Case, Exposing Absolute Corruption

CA. Miwok Tribe Wins Tribal Sovereignty Case, Exposing Absolute Corruption

The California Valley Miwok Tribe made history and legal precedent preserving the rights of every federally recognized tribe in the United States of America. They faced insurmountable odds against powerfully connected well funded developer’s and corrupt state and federal officials. They wanted to highjack the Miwok tribe for the sole purpose of building a gambling casino. The plot thickens because elected officials were also involved in this travesty.

Chadd Everone/Ludwig, Albert Seeno, Sheppard Mullin and an army of politicians from both sides of the isle at state and federal levels have been exposed. Over 2,500 documents, correspondents and court filings downloaded from Chadd Everone/Ludwig’s web page identify senators, congressmen, state and federal officials from the BIA, DoJ and other agencies. This intricate web of corruption has plagued the CVMT for over 12 years as they struggled to save their tribal sovereignty. The incendiary documents prove beyond a shadow of doubt the Tribe was targeted to steal their blood lineage by unscrupulous well funded people. Chadd cried foul but court officers verified the site was open to the general public and not hacked. Call it a Native American Wikileaks but the information gained was priceless.

Documents revealed Senator Dianne Feinstein went out of her way to stop the tribes 638 funding through crony’s Jerry Gidner of the BIA & Arlo Smith of the Gaming Commission in an effort to starve the tribe out of existence. In one response Jerry told Dianne not to worry, letting her know the fix was in against the tribe. She denied involvement or knowing the criminals involved in the Miwok scam but documents and e-mails prove otherwise. It was just a coincidence she was a fellow trustee of a bank with one of the culprits or maybe she forgot. Dianne’s involvement in the casino scam and debasing the tribe is all too apparent, even a blind man can see the CVMT was a victim of fraud and her fingerprints are all over it.

Dianne’s husband’s association with unscrupulous developer Al Seeno alluded to even more collusive activity against the Miwok People. Unfortunately she was not the only high profile politician who used her influence to destroy this feisty band of natives. Documents reveal deep involvement with other high profile politicians in bed with common criminals and its well worth the read. The implications strike at the core of democracy itself and this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to disclose but I am not privy to reveal them at this time. But rest assured the Miwok are still under siege as their counsel’s continue to peel off the many layers of corruption this case consists of.

Money talks and California still refuses to give the tribe their funding that was withheld, to the tune of $8 million, as unscrupularity plays out its final hand. Sheppard Mullin threatened to drag out this case in perpetuity. The federal government is still in the arrears to the tribe with a bill in excess of $600,000 and it is clear corruption is still waiting in the wings. To make things even more convoluted, the tribe is yet to be allowed the opportunity to appear in a hearing involving their case. This is disturbing since it was also revealed some judges have bias against natives. Why does that not surprise me?

Hopefully the feds will not allow the bogus Newok’s, (a term to describe bogus Miwoks with no heredity) into the legitimate Miwok Nation when the final decision comes to pass. Though this tribe proved their legitimacy as the true CVMT, the courts still skirted the return of tribal funding that was illegally withheld. CVMT Director of Economic Development/ Consultant Tiger Paulk likened this to a Pyrrhic victory since the CVMT won but at such a continuing and devastating cost to the true tribal people and their wellbeing. They are still in limbo with no funding for infrastructure, social services, healthcare and the basics of any community but they don’t have to worry about someone stealing their identity. After all, who would want to be a federally recognized tribe with no means of survival other than food stamps and commodity cheese? Hmm, I like commodity cheese.

Under the stewardship of Larry Echohawk of the BIA justice was served, almost. From the tribes point of view the government vindicated the tribe and its sovereign rights as a federally recognized people. Unfortunately the government threw them under the bus while further litigation continues since they left the tribe to fend for themselves in spite of their vindication. How far beyond stupid is that? Or was it intentional? On the bright side, the Obama Administration did manage to extend unemployment benefits. This is a blessing to the tribe since they have been fighting for the sovereign rights of all tribes in America on unemployment checks and spare change. The irony I found was the fact many nations did not want to get involved or show solidarity for this tribe but now tribes are using the precedence the CVMT made in federal court involving sovereignty issues. I was amazed at the lack of simpatico when I approached a native radio show in an effort to garner more exposure back in 2007. “They will never win” was the response I got. Well bonehead, just be glad I don’t snitch you off for your callous disregard for this nation’s plight.

Later I learned from several elders why some tribes were hesitant to speak out. No one wanted to loose what meager funding they already were receiving for fear of retribution from ruthless BIA officials. Knowing now how deep corruption runs within the BIA it is a substantiated fear indeed. From Tiger’s perspective it was not about the money as much as it was about retaining their birth right and tribal identity. There was plenty of misinformation to swirl around as well and many people did not know the actual facts about the case. Spin doctors peppered the communities with bold faced lies as Newok’s ran around pleading their case to all that would listen. Some folks were very convincing but a lie is a lie no matter how they dressed or what they said.

Tiger Paulk spoke to me as to the tribes’ point of view; “They would rather be the last California Valley Miwoks on earth and if they died, the tribe would die with them and cease to exist rather than giving up their lineage to imposters to falsely represent the tribe for all time.”

It was not about stealing a tribe from some saintly old man named Yakima Dixie. It was about saving the CVMT from unscrupulous investors and developers whom manipulated an individual member and tribal elder to sign his nation away in a realm of fraudulent documents written up by Chadd Everone/Ludwig acting as an attorney. Yakima was no cherry but in his defense he was also swindled from the start since he was not allowed legal representation when Chadd drafted the infamous documents. Chadd was not an attorney and had no authority to draft such a document in this guise further compounding the fraud. Eventually, in federal court under oath Yakima came clean and recanted all the fraudulent claims he made against his own people leaving egg on the faces of politicians, developers and bogus Newok’s. Tiger said at that moment in the room where Mr. Dixie’s sworn deposition was also being videotaped was precious since all the fraudsters present lowered their heads while their counsels franticly whispered in dismay. Isn’t that special?

Having tribal documents that substantiated the legitimate CVMT claims also weighed heavily against the criminal cartel of politicians, developers and Yakima. But the coup de grace and most incriminating piece of evidence in the case came from Chadd Everone/Ludwig via his information packed web site for it gave names, dates and e-mails from all players in this case. The detailed files and correspondents were most illuminating and showed total disregard for the law from politicians who were elected to enforce them. Developers faired no better since the dialogue uncovered a conspiratorial relationship that is unacceptable in a civil society. The files are a smoking gun that will truly raise eye brows for years to come. The revelations are sure to taint even the most illustrious political careers of so called public officials and history will not be kind. It would be interesting to note what other cases these harbingers of fraud are involved in and there is no question the web of corruption will grow as the contents of Everone’s files are fully realized.

There are no words that could do justice in describing Tribal Chairperson Silvia Burley. Educated, articulate, determined and well versed in tribal law, Silvia is a cut above and even in the face of total disrespect from attorneys and government officials she forged forward. In spite of threats to her and her nation’s lives and livelihoods she marched forward in true warrior flare. Tiger Paulk calls her the Miwok SEAL with regard to her ‘special forces’ like prowess in all matters concerning the tribe. The dark side to this case is the fact veiled threats flew against her and her people. I guess you can toss in courage for she stood her ground and refused to back down or give an inch. Legal Counsels Robert A. Rosette LLC and Manuel Corrales ESQ are proof nobility still exists in the world for their legal expertise in this case is priceless.

There is no question I left out volumes of interesting and incriminating details within the context of this story. I suggest you log onto the California Valley Miwok Tribe site. They have all adjoining court documents of this landmark case. There will be more updates in the future as this case hopefully comes to a close in the future

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Buffalohair, Time of Change, Technology and Other Stuff

Time of Change, Technology and Other Stuff

Contrary to popular belief Technology as we know it will eventually be sporadic if not totally out of service as we enter the new cycle. Empires built on foundations of sand will topple as mankind scrambles to rediscover older technologies just to sustain the basics of infrastructure. In the meantime pandemonium will replace civil society as fortunes are lost and there is nothing in the universe that will alter this destiny. I don’t think it will be forever but it will be long enough to completely alter mankind’s fetid journey. In essence we will reap what we have sown and it’s not going to be pretty.

Like it or not we have entered a much more virulent phase of change and absolutely every facet of our existence will be affected, if it hasn’t already. From the physical to the supernatural it will soon be impossible to ignore as systemic technological failures reek havoc on civilization. People with no spiritual connection will be easy targets of butt head spirits who encroach on their lives and that’s a no-brainer. We’ve only just begun to witness the end result of evil influences within society as people kill their kids, husbands and wives simply because a voice told them to do so. Morally bankrupt leaders of the world sold their nations to the highest bidders, turning their backs on struggling democracies while destroying their own. Like ole Ben Franklin once said; “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty for Security Deserve Neither”. I say; “When you snooze you loose” for democracy ceased to exist when world leaders chose to work for corporations rather than their electorates. How far beyond stupid is that?

It’s a done deal dude/dudette’s, it’s truly a done deal because people were asleep at the wheel. Just remember what Martin Luther King once said; “Everything Adolf Hitler did was legal”. And Hitler had the financial support of the Rockefellers’, Kennedy’s, Bush’s and a slew of other elitists in America until the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and they were progressives. Pick up your damn history book. It’s funny how progressives were proponents of eugenics back in the 30’s as chronicled in *“Deadly Innocence? Chapter 6, Diversity’s Dark Side” a book about the execution of a mentally challenged man (Joe Arridy) for a crime he did not commit in the 30’s. His real crime was being of Syrian decent and mentally challenged in a time where the USA and Germany were in competition to obtain racial purity. America was forming the American Race and Germany the Master Race. Guess that’s why Hitler and elitist progressives got along so well. There were too many Jews on earth anyway. Dare I mention how my mother was taken to an orphanage in another country only to be abused because of the color of her skin back then?

If you would remember your history (That will be the day) it was Mussolini who boasted that fascism was better called corporatism because it was the merger of industrial and government power. President Eisenhower called this fascist convergence “The Military Industrial Complex”. The holocaust of the America’s was a classic example of eugenics in motion and it became the blueprint for every tin horn dictator on earth ever since. General Than Shwe of Burma continues to wage “Indian Wars” in Kachin and Karen States to this day, with the blessings of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Predictably the world is only focused on commerce, cheap labor and Burma’s burgeoning natural resources. I can hear Gary Owen now. It’s OK for China to murder and butcher their own people and just to make it fair, China is murdering Tibetan monks too. The membership of the WTO reads like a who’s who in global tyranny and the IMF is known for the sweatshops they place in third world countries. Good thing their days are numbered.
Eventually the internet and the technology that gave birth to the web will cease to function. All the electronic doodads man held in reverence over human life will be useless paper weights or novelties. As we worry about censorship by globalist oligarchist thugs it will be Ma Earth who will pull the plug on advanced technology. Communications and everything else that is dependant on this Achilles tendon will join the ranks of novel and useless devices that serve no purpose. Electronic gadgets will be a testament to a forgone era where human life was expendable and the corporate bottom was all that mattered.

Profiteering at the expense of others will come full circle as blood money reigns in a curse to all who shared this ill-gotten bounty. It does not matter if you had a blind trust or you actively placed your bets on Foxconn, Apple or other corporations that capitalizes on indentured work forces. You are equally culpable for the misery and death that came with your blood soaked dividend check. It’s called the law of retribution, you can run but you can’t hide because it’s coming with a vengeance to a bank account near you. We’ve only entered the dusk of civil society and still must endure total darkness before the dawning of the new era. From what I see in visions, it’s going to be a dozy boys and girls. We can’t handle a simple snow storm as it is and there is more where that came from homie. Wonder how man will handle the temporary loss of atmosphere? At least we will know how the Wooly Mammoths died in Siberia. We will miss the days of global tyranny as Ma Earth flexes her might, there is no question.

You can fill in the blanks as to how the loss of technology will affect your life and realize exactly how codependent we’ve become. For some people this will be the end of the world since they have become addicted to devices and gadgets to do even the most menial tasks. I’m surprised ‘scientists’ did not develop a computer operated bidet with a micro chip that measures water distribution and temperature. Maybe include an irradiation device to sterilize your bum while investors lobby to make toilet paper illegal. Survivors of catastrophe will be forced to use their brains rather than electronic slaves they relinquished their intellect to. Hmm, I’ll have to learn how to use a writing stick of some kind and I will miss spell-check but I won’t miss the fetid greed filled society technology spawned. Provided I survive nature’s onslaught.

Within my culture it is said the buffalo will return to the Great Plains after the new beginning. Humanity will reign once again in a land gone strange. It will truly be the humbling times as man learns how to become a human being once again. And they won’t get interrupted in class by an annoying phone call on their slave tracker (cell phone). I dumped my phone years ago, the buzz and itching in my ear stopped and my blood pressure came down considerably. I must admit Post Traumatic Stress Disorder played into my decision since I don’t do well with surprises and my cell reeked havoc on my nerves. I can only imagine what my blood pressure would have been if I used one of those “Dingleberries” with all those frigging buttons. Screw cell phones; I will talk to people when I am ready not when they decide to call. Good thing cells will soon be toast because I really hate chatting with someone when their phone rings. I literally jump out of my skin in a flash of fear.

Technology is not all that cracked up to be anyway. I never did care for modern society even when I was a goon and had lots of ‘stuff’ but I was a very bitter and guarded person. I was a product of extreme racism and abuse back in the 50’s and 60’s. It was very painful being an indigenous type. Ask any native about the olden days and most will not say a word because it was a time of extreme suffering. Many of us old buzzards are still haunted from the crap we endured. It was a never ending boxing match for me and death was an ever present possibility. The feel of warm spittle on my face still resonates within my soul and I will never forget how much people hated me and my mom just for being natives. Sadly, not much has changed for my people. What a screwed up planet.

I was not a happy camper and society taught me how to hate with great proficiency. I knew the smell of death and could eat a cannoli sitting on a stack of stiffs. But in reality; I preferred fruitti di bosco with a little gelato on the side. Fortunately ice cream and pastries will still be available after the fall of technology but I doubt there is a technology that could deal with my PTSD’S. Anger management issues? Forget about it. Wonder what the Creator was thinking when he made me a messenger in the first place? Surely he could have picked a nicer guy but I am proof the Creator has a dark sense of humor.

For those people who will undoubtedly send me letters telling me how I should forget the past and move forward, I counter;

“Why should I forget my history when the world remembers the Holocaust and other historic crimes against humanity? What makes Native American history the only history we must forgive, forget and get over? Do I ask people to get over Pearl Harbor or Gettysburg? People still rant about the Alamo and the battle of Fort Sumter but nooooooo we must forget the millions of Native Americans who were murdered in cold blood even with signed treaties. Why should I forget how US Cavalrymen carved babies out of the wombs of native women? Is that disturbing to you? It’s no walk in the park for us either considering it was my ancestors. What makes the remembrance of fallen people from other cultures more relevant than ours?”

Hmm, am I venting?

I am just sick of being a good Injun and made to gloss over 500 years of genocide just so I don’t upset someone for bringing up an uncomfortable past. Sadly our suffering continues as teen suicide ravages mine and other tribal nations along with a mountain of other unaddressed social issues our handlers failed to address. Our elders are outliving our kids on my rez. Come on change; let’s get this show on the road before I am extinct. And people wonder why everything is going to hell in a hand basket. Our culture is only one of many indigenous cultures around the world under siege as ruthless corporate globalist’s murder for natural resources and land. And they are coming for you too.

Tyranny has gone global as the descendants of murderers take over the planet in Custer – Chivington flare. Now it is your turn to experience the ultimate betrayal and become a conquered people but you won’t be alone. We will teach you how to live with nothing, make fry bread and bead if you like. Maybe we will share the secrets of Duct Tape and take you to a 49 when Mother Earth is done with her season. I will share some neck bone soup with you if you come to my lodge. But we will not cut the babies from the bellies of your women and we will not make false promises or kill your children with poisoned food and cholera infested blankets. I promise, hmm.

On the contrary; we will live as brothers and sister like our ancestors tried to do with Euro dudes dressed in funny cloths many centuries ago. For it is prophesy that compassion and humility will reign where greed and deception once resided and we will go forward as a new people. Indigenous folks from all corners of the globe, from Celtics to Cheyenne and all colors of the rainbow are in silent celebration for the signs are everywhere to behold because change is not a secular thing, it’s a human thing. It’s written in sacred books, stone and spoken in oral traditions. The secret to survival is also in these hallowed texts or did you even bother to read them. We will welcome the dawning new cycle, rebirth of humanity and share the warmth that will embrace the planet together for that is also prophecy, lock, stock and tomahawk.

We are well aware of the tumultuous period humanity faces for it is part of our prophetic teachings and our oral tradition. My people already survived one Armageddon and there is only a fraction of us left on earth and soon there will only be a fraction of you left on earth as well. Check out your sacred book and read it for yourself provided you actually follow your doctrine. But if mankind actually practiced what they preached we would not be here in the first place.

Welcome to the reservation.


Your Devil’s Advocate