Buffalohair, Burmas Secret War the Corporate World Wants to Keep Quiet


Burma’s Secret War the Corporate World Wants to Keep Quiet

As the world celebrates Suu Kyi’s landslide victory (again), sanctions are already being lifted as if all is well within Burma’s borders. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth as ethnic cleansing and wholesale genocide continues unabated in Kachinland. It is a hoax and a bold faced lie that Burma is moving in the right direction but it’s a nice piece of theatrics for those who enjoy melodramatic fiction. Ask a Kachin and they will tell you their nation is under siege as the world ignores rape, murder and wholesale genocide. And sadly, Suu Kyi remains Burma’s most beautiful hostage.


Though the Kachin or Jinghpaw people are all alone in the world fighting for their very existence, valiant soldiers continue to counting coup against insurmountable odds against the fetid Burmese Army. Most recently a team of *KIA troops along with volunteers from the Peoples Army captured and destroyed a critically strategic check point at Pangsai (Kyukok) in Shan State. Unfortunately this crucial victory as well as the growing numbers of internally displaced Kachin people has gone under the radar of the mainstream media globally. The use of chemical and biological weapons against Kachin civilians has also become non issue since the world remains oblivious.


The realities of Burma’s ethnic cleaning operation continue to elude the press it would appear. But after some research it is clear as to why crimes against humanity being committed in Kachinland go underreported or ignored entirely. The parent companies of many western and international news groups have been and continue to be invested in Burma. Just remember that major corporations from throughout the world have always been in Burma siphoning off trillions of dollars in profits from natural resources while lining the pockets of corrupt dictators from Ne Win to Than Shwe. Sanctions, what sanctions for they were ignored in the most elaborate money laundering operation in the world.


The real purpose in forming this sham civilian government was to sugar-coat existing corporations who violated impotent sanctions in the first place. Now that modern technology is starving for rare earth minerals, uranium, gold and other precious commodities Kachinland is prime real-estate since its rich with these natural resources and more. Another fetid reality of the war in Kachinland is that corporate interests of the free world are allowing Burma to do their dirty work in eliminating the Jinghpaw people from this cornucopia of resources. Rather than face public scrutiny, especially during election time, they are buying politicians who favour  global expansionism for the sake of investors and the corporate bottom line, much like they are doing in South America and Africa. Sadly their hands are red with Kachin blood in spite of their triangulated support of Kachin genocide through the puppet regime of Thein Sein.


Woefully underestimated by the western world, the Kachin Independence Army is a disciplined, articulate and well oiled fighting machine. Their legendary military prowess saved thousands of allied lives in the Second World War, or did you forget that part? It is said that one Kachin soldier is equal to 1,000 Burmese soldiers. But in all reality I would double or triple this calculation for they are achieving the impossible in spite of the junta’s use of aircraft, biological & chemical weapons and all the advance technology that is at their disposal. This is more likened to David and Goliath for this conflict is of biblical proportions. And it is though absolute faith within their Christian faith they are achieving the impossible. Miracles upon miracles continue to make themselves known as the legions of greed and evil continue to be defeated in one bloody battle after another. In one instance the KIA ceased fire on inept Burmese soldiers who were obviously forced to do battle with the elite Kachin forces. The Kachin simply could not ethically fire on children who were forced to the front lines by cowardly elder Burmese troops. Many Burmese soldiers don’t share the concept of honour and valour and continue to rape and murder unarmed women and children when given the chance.


One Jinghpaw told me of how all Kachin soldiers realize they are facing certain death with overwhelming odds against them every time they go on a mission. Rather than instilling fear from this reality they find more raw courage and determination because they are fighting for their very existence and not just a chunk of real-estate. From their beloved general on down the fresh recruits they march with their iron clad belief system and it is proving to be the Kachin’s ultimate secret weapon. I’ve always contended that absolute faith within one’s dogma is the key to survival and the KIA is a perfect example of this axiom.


As the secret war in Kachinland becomes known around the world people from all nations are shocked that this struggle has gone so long without mainstream notoriety. It is not the people of these nations who do not care about the Kachin; it’s the corporate owned media who are ham-strung and disallowed from giving equal coverage of crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated on innocent human beings in Burma and Kachinland to this day. Already, the Kachin are finding more and more allies globally. People are asking questions about their politicians who seem oblivious to the cries of the Kachin people. Are these politicians in collusion with fetid and morally bankrupt corporations who are vested in the slaughter of the Kachin people? Just follow the money.


In any event Burma’s secret war against the Kachin people is no longer a secret as more people become aware of the atrocities being committed. Though Suu Kyi stole the headlines by winning yet another election it is clear there will be questions asked about why the Kachin issue is not being addressed. Why is it OK to ignore the wholesale murder of innocent Kachin people? The answer is really quite simply, Suu Kyi is still a hostage and powerless to do anything or she will finish out her years under house arrest. The world already betrayed her after she won the 1990 presidential election. The world sat idly by as her supporters were murdered in Depayin during a failed assassination attempt in May of 2003. She spent most of her life in confinement after that bloody event. The Saffron Revolution of 2007 was yet another massacre nations did nothing but sit idly by and make spineless watered down sanctions. She can very well be tossed in jail today and the world would still do nothing but gawk and make fanciful speeches to their electorates to look like they are doing something.


After all, the sham constitution of 2008 still gives the Tatmadaw absolute control no matter how many seats the NLD holds in parliament. But if you actually paid attention to what Suu Kyi says, she is not in favour of lifting sanctions no matter what the mainstream and pro junta advocates purport. And this juncture, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. But for my Jinghpaw brothers and sister they already see the handwriting on the wall and realize they must stand alone. Well except for their Red Indian cousin because I stand with the Jinghpaw and will always stand with the Jinghpaw. And if they die, I may very well die with them if the opportunity arises.




* http://www.kachinnews.com/news/2268-kachin-forces-capture-burma-army-checkpoint-in-n-shan-state.html


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