Buffalohair, Burmese Troops Prepare to Slaughter 25,000 Kachin Refugees in Laiza

Burmese Troops Prepare to Slaughter 25,000 Kachin Refugees in Laiza

Burmese troops are preparing for an offensive against *Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Laiza. Laiza is the temporary home of over 25,000 Kachin refugees who have fled their homeland as Burmese troops ransacked villages, townships and cities. Scores of human being have been tortured to death, raped and whole villages executed. Now Burma is moving heavy artillery into position to polish off this refugee centre.


120 mm artillery shells containing biological and chemical agents have become common place in Burma’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in Kachinland. Sadly the Tatmadaw uses child soldiers to handle these caustic weapons according to child defectors who’ve been interviewed in recent years. Now these big guns are being strategically positioned for maximum killing power in the Laiza region in this latest act of cowardice. Burmese troops are pouring in by the truck load and its not so they can distribute humanitarian aid in this impoverished region. There is no question innocent civilians will bear the brunt of Burma’s next offensive against the Jinghpaw.


But what puzzles me the most about any news story about the Kachin people is the use of the term ‘rebel’ as if the KIA and KIO were bands of renegade rebels. The reality is the fact Kachinland is a free standing nation governed by the Kachin Independence Organization and protected by the Kachin Independence Army. They always have and they always will but the misconception they are a rag tag fringe group rebels is nothing more than a carefully calculated lie to confuse the oblivious western world. The Burmese government is only trying to sugar-coat a bold faced lie to justify their intrusion into another nation’s sovereign land.


Burmanization is just another word for genocide or ethnic cleansing and nothing more that a military operation conceived by General Than Shwe himself. Women who do not escape advancing Burmese troops face gang rape from upwards of 10 to 30 men or more at an encounter as they ‘plant’ their seed to purify these Kachin women in this act called Burmanization. Sadly this is not an exaggeration for the fetid conduct of Burmese soldiers against ethnic minorities through out Burma reads more like a chapter in a Marque De Sade novel. Rape, torture and disembowelment are very real and used as ‘lessons’ for those who dare to disobey the Tatmadaw. The so called civilian government of  Burma is absolutely powerless to stop this since the Tatmadaw retains absolute control according to the constitution Than Shwe wrote and implemented back in 2008.


Many women are simply raped to death if they are lucky but less fortunate ones are tortured to death slowly by amphetamine filled troops from Burma. But let’s hear another pretty speech about how all is nice in Burma. Captured men and women are used as slaves or porters while male and female children are used as sex toys by perverted officers who take them as personal trophies. And you wonder why the KIA is fighting so hard to protect their people? Though Kachinland is chock full of natural resources it is not the land they are trying to save as much as it is their people. It is clear international corporate interests are hungry for Kachinland’s bountiful resources. It is also clear they are using the military junta of Burma to cleanse the landscape before they ‘develop’ this region whence sanctions are lifted. When the shelling begins in the Laiza region blood will be on the hands of corporate board of directors, the CEO’s and the stock holders as well as the barbaric Tatmadaw.


The Burmese military will not have a free ride since the KIA is already on the move to protect their nation and people. The valiant and courageous KIA finds it problematic at times when combating Burmese soldiers though. Since the cowardly Burmese army uses conscripts to do their bidding, Jinghpaw troops are hard pressed to kill people who are more like calves to slaughter. It is also noted these Burmese soldiers are hopped up on amphetamines. They do some spectacularly stupid feats in the heat of battle that places them in mortal danger from the elite Kachin army. Though the Tatmadaw is silent on the actual body count of their troops a conservative estimate is well into the thousands since Burma first violated the ceasefire last year. The count may be even higher but it is sure to grow as the war rages on. And were is the mainstream media through all this turmoil; reporting about fluffy speeches and boasting about how sanctions should be lifted. How far beyond stupid is that?


The west is not alone in the quagmire of contradictions and lies when facing the Kachin crisis. Another potential benefactor eager to control Kachinland’s rare earth minerals and resources is China. But within the Chinese Communist Party lurks a vast division between corporate oligarchists and true communist leaders who retain ancient alliances with the Kachin. It is this division that keeps China from assisting the Burmese government in this exercise in eugenics. In fact there are millions of Chinese who claim alliances with the Jinghpaw and there is no doubt if the oligarchist faction were to do away with the Kachin there would be major internal conflict within the C.C.P. itself. Being that China is on the verge of revolution already they don’t need to add wood to the fire. The divisions run deep within the military and other circles of influence within the red dragon of China when it comes to the Kachin.


Don’t think for one minute this division would help the west in any way since both sides within the C.C.P. are united in their disdain for the US and the west. The west has everything to loose if they continue to side with the criminal regime and their war on the Kachin and China has everything to gain if they do. The ideal outcome of this conflict would be to honour Kachinland’s borders and their sovereignty recognized by Burma, the west and the east. Only then will peace come to this war ravaged region since the Kachin are not going to back down anytime soon. Kachinland is a free standing nation and no corporate interests will prevail in this rush for her natural resources no matter how many civilians are murdered in Laiza or anywhere else in Kachinland. One day the world will regret they turned their backs on Kachinland. On the contrary I will be sipping tea with friends and family in Myitkyina.


* http://kachinnews.com/news/2269-burma-army-buildup-near-laiza-suggests-push-for-kio-capital.html  


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