Buffalohair: Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland


Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

There is no question Than Shwe continues to rule Burma with an iron fist. Only difference is he is hidden in Nay Pi Daw, out of sight, out of mind. Though President Their Sein ordered a stop to hostilities in Kachin State his request was ignored. The Tatmadaw does not take orders from civilians regardless if they were retired generals such as the case of President Their Sein. Burma’s duel government is a sham but a blessing to corporations who’ve skirted sanctions for decades.

The culprits of corruption are Than Shwe’s fetid inner circle as described in a well written piece by *Kanbawza Win. Kachinland is enveloped in a major war the west continues to ignore. Now the west has blood on their hands because of their ambivalence and failure to respond to this humanitarian crisis. After all, the Kachin or Jinghpaw people did not start this war; it was the Burmese Military who decided to break the ceasefire when Burma became a budding democracy over a year ago. Guess Burma is a democracy, just so it does not include the military dictatorship that is still in control via Burma’s sham constitution.

Fortunately the KIO/KIA is the stumbling block in Than Shwe’s fetid plan to euthanize the Jinghpaw. With no help from the outside world they are holding their own against the Tatmadaw and their well equipped army. Vladimir Putin thought it would a humanitarian gesture to sell Than Shwe’s air force sophisticated rockets to assist in the genocide of innocent men women and children. This undoubtedly will offer the Burmese Military a more efficient system to deliver their biological and chemical weapons. But with the world turning their heads the other way the Tatmadaw can do anything they like against civilians.

Jinghpaw troops have reported that many Burmese soldiers and officers have no taste for genocide and refuse to engage the valiant Jinghpaw soldiers. Some officers would rather spend their time in the brig rather than kill innocent people. Kachin troops have allowed them to retreat rather then slaughter them. Many were mere children hopped up on drugs and no match for the well trained Jinghpaw men and women who continue to defend their homeland.  But sadly there are Burmese troops who continue to rape and murder the Jinghpaw just for the shear joy of it and crimes against humanity still prevail unchecked.

Caught in the crossfire are the thousands of Internally Displaced People of Kachinland, fathers, mothers and their children who’ve been routed from their farms and homes. Many fled to avoid torture and rape or turned into slaves or porters then killed after they are used. With supplies is short supply these innocent people face yet another crisis and that is the weather for they are ill prepared to face the winter that is just around the corner. It is bad enough they are living in the elements as diseases begin to take their toll. Monsoon season continues to count coup on these victims of war yet there is little assistance from the world. What meager aid they do receive it is paltry in comparison to this epic humanitarian crisis. Than Shwe will get his wish as the innocent IDP’s continue to die from exposure and disease in the coming winter months.

Though some aid manages to filter into some regions there are many areas that do not see any aid. And it is with this in mind I am petitioning you the reader for help. The most vulnerable population of Kachinland, the IDP is in dire straights and in need of assistance. There are a few organizations out there but they do not have enough aid to go to these remote places but I know of one organization that continues to assist these suffering people. The DFW Kachin Baptist Church lead by Pastor La Seng Labya who is preparing a mission to these outlaying IDP camps along the China/Burma border and I know he can use all the help he can muster so he can provide some relief to these beleaguered people.

In desperation I beseech everyone who reads this story to assist La Seng in his mission to aid his fellow countrymen. It is an impossible mission for thousands of people are in desperate need of winter clothing, food and medical assistance. Shelter is also in critical demand as the pictures in this post reveals. I may not be able to stop the war in Kachinland but I can surely assist in this epic humanitarian crisis and possibly save a few more lives. I know this organization and they’ve continued to aid in the relief efforts from a grass roots posture and if you wish to make a difference in the lives of innocent IDP’s this is the chance for you to participate. The church is a non profit organization with a tax ID so any aid is tax deductable.

The war in Kachinland will continue until the people of the world are made fully aware of this situation. People will continue to die from unspeakable hardships as well as from Burmese rifles. That will not stop La Seng from delivering hope and love to people who never wanted war in the first place, the IDP. It would also be advised that people contact their politicians and ask why there is no support for the Kachin people. If enough people inquire about Than Shwe’s secret war then maybe we can add enough political pressure to stop this exercise in eugenics before the Kachin are eliminated from the face of the earth. And shame on the western media for ignoring the war and this epic humanitarian crisis.

Photos provided by the KIO/KIA & La Seng Labya

Contact Le Seng and learn how you can participate in this humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;

Pastor La Seng Labya

DFW Kachin Baptist Church

1000 West Lamar Blvd

Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097




 * The Evil Genius, Than Shwe and the Current Reforms


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, (Shan Htoi Gam)

© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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