Buffalohair:Kachin IDPs of Burma: Waiting to Die

Kachin IDP’s of Burma: Waiting to Die

With all the sugar coated news out of Burma you’d think all is well within this budding democracy but in all actuality nothing could be further from the truth. Pretty speeches, gala events and golden placards can not erase the fact Burma is in the midst of an epic human tragedy. Forgotten by the western media and politicians alike the people of Kachin State are left to fend for themselves as winter approaches.

It’s only been a couple of months since I received photos from Kachinland but the situation has not gotten any better. For the vast majority of the 10’s of thousands of Kachin refugees who fled the encroaching Burmese military humanitarian aid is only a dream. With few supplies and no shelter many Kachin or Jinghpaw face certain death from not only the junta but from the elements with no salvation in sight. And the blood of these innocent people will rest on the hands of all who chose to ignore their cries for help. Exactly how many people must die before the world takes notice of the secret war in Burma?

Pestilence has already begun to count coup on the internally displaced people of Kachinland. With no sustenance, shelter nor winter clothing the future of the IDP’s in Kachinland is grim at best but let’s lift sanctions regardless. Why couldn’t western mining interests forge a deal with the Kachin people rather than the military regime? After all, Kachin State does belong to the Kachin people not the junta. The quest for Kachinland’s natural resources could have been resolved amicably and lucratively for Burma, the people of Kachinland and the global mining interests who are eager to exploit Kachin State. But I guess it’s easier to simply let the junta kill them off rather than share in the bounty.

Enjoy the pictorial titled;

‘The Ignored People of Burma’s Secret War’



Contact Pastor Le Seng and learn how you can participate in his humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;


Pastor La Seng Labya

DFW Kachin Baptist Church

1000 West Lamar Blvd

Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097




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