Buffalohair: Will Obama Ignore The Slaughter of Jinghpaw People In Resource Rich Kachin State??

Will Obama Ignore The Slaughter of Jinghpaw People In Resource Rich Kachin State??


Men, women and children have continued to be slaughtered by the Burmese government over the past 1 ½ years with barely a peep from the western media. Thousands of people have been displaced and killed in relative secrecy as government troops murdered, raped and pillaged this region of Burma with no end in sight. The primary reason is the fact Kachin State is a resource rich cornucopia of oil, gas, gold, uranium, gem stones of every kind and the exalted rare earth minerals. Is this trip all about the money Mr. President? Or are you going to make REAL history and make a concerted effort to stop the blood shed in ALL ethnic regions, including Kachin State?



Are natural resources the real reason the world has chosen to ignore the continued genocide of these people? Will US President Barack Obama be the hallowed western leader who will address this Asian Holocaust and put an end to genocide? Or will he be just like the rest of the western world who has chosen to ignore this crime against humanity? Will the America celebrate Obama’s visit and cash in on the death of innocent people simply for the corporate bottom line and curse their nation with yet more blood money from slave labor and genocide as in the case of China and other nations who cater to the affluent and powerful corporations and stock holders.



The Burmese Tatmadaw (Military) continues to flood Kachin State with fresh troops and supplies while killing innocent men, women and children. IDP’s are dying in makeshift shelters while Burmese authorities continue to rob aid money and supplies that were destined for Kachin State. Unfortunately the parent corporations who control most of the mainstream media of the west are also parent corporations of the mining industry that is eager to exploit Kachin State and its bountiful natural resources. Ironically, they are the very same corporations who continue to fill the coffers of Hillary & Bill Clinton’s library in Arkansas or is that just a coincidence? Sadly, if the plight of the China’s, African’s, and Central & South American indigenous people is any indicator about the western corporate agenda, the people of Kachin State are doomed.



President Barack Obama, step up to the plate and make a stand for the Jinghpaw People of Kachin State Burma and stop the genocide. Make real history and alter the course of Burma’s atrocitious acts of genocide being perpetrated at the very time you are visiting Burma. Make a stand for humanities cause and stem wholesale genocide in Burma’s Secret War. Just remember, this is the time of change and what you do this week will reflect on the nation you represent and the blood on your hands will be the blood that will soon curse this nation if you choose to ignore the cries of the Kachin People. The truth will ultimately be known and what will you say then?



Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair (Shanhtoi Gam)


© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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