Buffalohair: Warning to Global Oligarchists and Their False G*D

Buffalohair: Warning to Global Oligarchists and Their False G*D

Warning to Global Oligarchists and Their False G*D

Devil2When the wave of conscience flows throughout the universe the people will know the truth of what you are, what you’ve done and the crimes you’ve committed against humanity to achieve your goals. They will also know with whom you have been privy to over the centuries. You will be exposed for the vermin you truly are and the depths you’ve gone to secure your empire throughout history for this is your destiny.



Enjoy your day of darkness for this will be a shallow victory indeed because this also marks the beginning of the end of your fetid amoral society that was built on the bones of the innocent. As you relished the forces of evil you’ve ignored the forces of good but alas you will come full circle and deliciate in a requiem of retribution. Your G*D will soon betray you much like you are betraying your own and the mystic world you so embrace will become your prison from which you will never escape.



It was said in many visions that man would almost reach their globalist objectives only to be vanquished by elements they never expected or considered. Your G*D would be revealed for the charlatan he and his minions truly are for their destiny is also etched in stone. Remunerations will be administered in ways man is incapable of fathoming by beings they truly fear. Their fate will mirror yours as you learn they are not G*Ds but celestial frauds who’ve preyed on the insolent and greedy of which you fit the criteria. It truly is the beginning of the end and I relish its arrival for light will fill the void where darkness once reigned in the new dawning of humanity.



Frankly speaking; you don’t realize how dire your plight is but when you do, it will already be too late to alter your destiny. The cries you hear will soon be of your own. I must query as to why your soothsayers, astrologers or false G*D failed to tell you this truism or maybe they are no longer privy to all the secrets of the universe. Humanity will reign once again but unfortunately it will not include you or your false G*D. This is your final warning according to the spirits of light.



Your Devil’s Advocate




© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Posted by littlerunningdeer on December 15, 2012 at 7:07 pm
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