Buffalohair: Burma Celebrates New Years by Launching Air Strikes on Kachin Civilians in Laiza

Burma Celebrates New Years by Launching Air Strikes on Kachin Civilians in Laiza

jinghpaw1In Time Square, they dropped the ball for New Years. In Burma, they dropped bombs for New Years. Call it Than Shwe’s gift to the ethnic Kachin People (Jinghpaw) on this New Years Day as he stepped up military operations with renewed air strikes by attack helicopters and jet fighters. Civilians in the Laiza area were forced to dig bomb shelters as *Burmese Government forces destroyed infrastructure, civilian & military targets in clear violation of International Law as well as mandates issued by the UN. Guess those international laws only apply when convenient and profitable. And where is the western media, asleep at the wheel again but its not the first time they deliberately ignored the Kachin People.

It is unfortunate to note the media as a whole are owned by multinational corporations who are also eager to exploit Kachin States natural resources as Than Shwe. So it does not come as a surprise as Burma continues its exercise in eugenics by systematically murdering countless human beings in broad daylight in the face of the western world and their strategically ambivalent leadership. Should the media be held accountable for masking genocide in an effort to assist their parent companies? After all, they do have Kachin blood on their hands as thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDP) begins to die from starvation and exposure. Should they also be held culpable for the ongoing rapes and tortures of civilians as well? It is time to take down names and identify organizations for future International Criminal Court proceedings or is that a sham as well? Do your homework and follow the money and you will learn corruption runs deeper than any conspiracy could have ever imagined. It is all about the money and that is the bottom line.

The Kachin War was in full swing well over a year before the Burmese government instigated the feud between the Rohyinga and the Burmese while tossing in a religions theme to their dastardly deed. The corrupt media failed to report about the 100,000 Kachin IDP who fled advancing Burmese Troops that violated the original ceasefire then launched a murderous attack on farmers and villagers. The crisis in Kachinland also highlighted the fact President Their Sein is only a straw boss and Burma’s political arena is nothing more than a store front for international investors to sugar coat their involvement with the Junta.

In fact, the bogus civilian government of Burma was intentionally designed to mask the multitude of international corporations that continued to violate sanctions and do business with Than Shwe and the boys over the years. Unsurprisingly the media failed to make any mention of that ‘coincidental’ tidbit of hard facts. And don’t think for one second Than and his crew of miscreants were cleaver enough to devise this ‘civilian government’ scheme for the true architects are corporate vermin and their coven of elitist oligarchists. It’s funny in a dark and twisted way to note that General Than Shwe and his ilk are actually pawns to the corporate dollar for they allowed Burma to become colonized once again.  

To his credit, Their Sein did issue several ceasefires in the Kachin Civil War only to have his orders officially ignored by Than Shwe’s military. Aunty Suu is equally hapless and is only a pretty pawn in the grand scheme of things and there is no question her life & freedom was threatened if she ‘stepped out of line’. Now with absolutely no one willing to step forward and stop the genocide in Kachin State, the Junta has the green light to exterminate the remaining Kachin people by what ever means possible. All the world has offered is lip service, fanciful speeches and ‘feel good visits’ that only legitimized this criminal military regime. Than Shwe and his murderous criminals barely got their hands slapped, like a kid who stole lunch money, for crimes against humanity.

Guess it’s just a coincidence that mining corporations from the west have shipping containers filled with mining supplies in Burma waiting for the last Kachin to die. With the population vanquished there would be little opposition as they grab up the land and mine KachinState into oblivion. Stock holders from around the world are accessories after the fact for their profiteering on blood money and a party to genocide, not only in Kachin State but around the world. But in the meantime, let’s bomb the Kachin people into oblivion. Rape, torture and murder a few civilians for entertainment. When everybody is dead and gone we can pillage Kachin State for absolutely every natural resource this region possesses. After all, the media is in the pockets of corporate thugs who eagerly await news the Kachin people have been snuffed out of existence. And I doubt they will bite the hand that feeds them.

I renew my support for the Jinghpaw and the valiant men and women of the KIO/KIA who are sacrificing everything for their very existence. I also offer a special salute to the ‘White Tigers’ for their tireless efforts to save their people, you are not forgotten. And though Burma is well supplied with Russian and Chinese weaponry they continue to loose troops in great numbers and the Tatmadaw should be held accountable to the Burmese people for this needless loss of life for this is an unjust and evil war. The Kachin know who their allies are and when the war is over there will be many corporate ass kissers who will want to join the celebration but I doubt the Jinghpaw  will  send an invitation.

Happy New Year

International community largely silent on Burmese government’s army aerial bombardment


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BBC News Video Shows Burmese Military Targeting Kachin – Secret War No More !


Military aircraft have been targeting rebel areas in Burma’s northern Kachin state over the last five

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