End of Times for Some, Renaissance for Others

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molechThough we are living in the Contemporary Dark Ages it is heartening to note that the human spirit is persevering in spite of the ever darkening shadow of global greed and colonization. In fact the proverbial Dark Ages has become a rallying point where all cultures of the world can stand in solidarity in the face of global corporate tyranny. Inadvertently elitist stooges have drawn a line in the sand separating themselves from the rest of the global population for it is clearly us against them, provided you are aware.

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Does not matter what continent one resides; austerity/sequester, land grabs/foreclosures, genocide/assassination, and globalization/colonization are the end result as elitists find justification to lie and steal from honest hard working human beings. The global political arena has become a cesspool of corruption and collusion writhe will self-serving agenda oriented politicians who enabled corporatist thugs to achieve fabulously criminal financial goals at the expense of their electorates. And we were asleep at the wheel.

The reasoning is really quite simple if one cared to take off their rose colored glasses, do the homework and follow the money. These politicians are invested in the very corporations who are reining financial terror & assassinations around the world simply for natural resources, cheap labor and pure greed. And it does not matter from what side of the political isle one resides for they are all in each others pockets when the cameras are off. This is old news for some people but for others this is a very disturbing revelation to reconnoiter or to fathom because of the sheer magnitude of this blatant criminality. Talk about ‘In Your Face’.

All I can say is; “Screw’em”, this was all prophesied long ago in finite details all the up to the one world government malarkey corrupt have spewed to the masses. They are acting in accordance to prophecy and that’s the real bottom line. What’s the point in pointing fingers when they are on every continent rendering excuses and justifications to simply murder people for their stuff? If you don’t know a lie when you hear one by now then you will be truly clueless when these financial oligarchs really pour on the blarney in the months to come. And since you diddled away your liberty for a little safety, you really deserve neither according to Benjamin Franklin. What were you thinking?

If only you paid attention to your elders and actually followed the tenets of your dogmatic or ideological principles. You can B.S. the people all you want about how ‘spiritual’ you are and you can also boast about how much you fill the offering plate but you can’t B.S. the spirit world. If you actually had a spiritual connection this world would not be a cesspool of greed and death called ‘civilization’ and frankly there is nothing civil about this era we live. In the real world it does not matter how you pray and achieve true spiritually but it does matter if you don’t know the difference from good and bad entities or if you’re not hooked up at all. Don’t believe for one second elitists don’t have their spiritual connection for they do; in a very big way I might add.

I find it very divisive of elitists and their subordinates to allude to the notion there is no G*D or sacred entities while also kissing ass with some douche bag entity who claims to know ‘all that’ about the universe. Yeah, he might know ‘all that’ about the universe and a protractor but he ain’t no frigging G*D. It’s all a multi-millennial lie, lock stock and tomahawk. Not much an average schmoe can do about that since elitists control all the hired guns taxpayer’s money can buy. The hand is stacked against any type of revolt both politically and socially and there are a raft of ‘private’ prisons eagerly waiting to be filled whence people had enough of the crap sandwich they are eating, to the joy of investors. It’s a win, win situation for elitist investors any way you look at it. They can have their New World Oder and all the chump change that comes with it because it’s all just a side show in the grand scheme of things.

If you already tuned in your spiritual headset you would already have a heads up on things many people are not privy to; like the truth and other gossip the spirit world is chock full of. Within many dogmas and ideological principles spirituality is the core of the belief system for without spirituality you have no actual connection to the spirit world and its wealth of knowledge. You are spiritually off-line at the worst time possible as good and evil thrash it out. This spirit war is already spilling onto our plain of existence with devastating consequences. Any Tom, Dick or Satan can waltz into human lives and influence them into just about anything through that pesky voice in the head, paleeze. Governments also discovered the frequency of the brain and I’ll wager those boneheads are filling minds with crappola also. Please tell me you’re not stupid enough to do what some ‘voice’ tells you to do.

Once you get down, in earnest, with your respective system of belief or ideology and obtain true spirituality you will come to realize those voices are real and not your thoughts either. Come on now, I doubt frying up your spouse in olive oil, garlic and onions or shooting up the high school is your idea anyway. You will realize you are eves dropping in the heavily trafficked spirit world and busy it is. Along with your spiritualization process you will come to know entities of good that have always been there for you, just like your sacred book said all along. You will also know there are many other good spirits congregating on earth as you come to terms with your paranormal reality. So don’t be a spiritual dork.

Of course everything will be within the context of your dogma respectively so don’t get your panties in a twist because I did not mention all the details, that’s your job homeboy/girl. It’s not my place to dump my tradition on you anyway. If the truth were known there are many paths to the creator and there is no such thing as a holy war, that’s a man thing plain and simple. Nowhere in any sacred text does it say it’s OK to steal and murder people in the name of G*D because we are better than the other guys. But alas; misguided elitists have been following that axiom for several thousand years already and they still keep killing for G*D, and oil. How far beyond stupid is that? Small wonder their days are numbered along with their bogus false G*D, ‘Mork’. Yeah Mork, they are coming for you and your friends, I know and so do you.

The long and the short of it all is the fact elitists are following a false G*D or entity that does not have a benevolent bone in his body. Just look at the dim bulbs this bonehead has shared technology with. Nothing G*DLY about him or his earth bound chums. They are lying their asses off as they get closer to their globalist end but the joke is on them. The only real way to prepare for this show down is to have an actual spiritual connection and that is provided within all dogmas and ideological principles. It does not require rocket science, just pure faith and that’s something you will need to achieve regardless of your path. Ma Earth has our back and this will be the game changer. Just have absolute faith within your tradition for the meek will inherit the earth and that is prophecy as well.

Other than all that, everything is cool….

Your Devil’s Advocate

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