Buffalohair: Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 2)

Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 2)

NYFreiheitsstatue2Though the ruling Military Junta of Burma is guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, these incidents do not involved ALL the tribes and states in Burma, not by a long shot. And for the record not every single Burmese soldier is a drug crazed rapist and murderer. The secret alliance to Aung San’s Panglong Agreement still lives in the hearts of many soldiers and officers, but that’s another story.


News travels fast in Asia and it is much more lucrative to enter the US as a refugee since you will be placed on the government and NGO dole for at least 8 months, free cash, food, medical and dental. Beats the heck out of immigrating legitimately for immigrants are not privy to the gravy trail of free aid refugees are given. The goal is to get on Social Security Disability by claiming you’re a ‘nut case’ and you will soon be eating with golden chop sticks. Why work?

Sadly, true refugees don’t run their mouths about abuses and torture they endured like the fraudsters. If you paid attention you would notice how easily the abuses pour out of fraudsters mouths. Clearly they don’t have an emotional link to the B.S. for if they did, they would not be so graphic about traumatic events that shook their lives to the core, ask anyone with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For true sufferers of PTSD have a hard enough time trying to coping with their memories and triggers. Refugees rarely speak of the horrors they witnessed and experiences. The scammers will bend the ear of anyone who will listen.

It’s easy to tell others about abuses and paint a gory and barbaric tale of sorrow when you did not experience a thing. The tale of sorrow is either stolen from the mouths of actual refugees or scripted for the most impact. I hear these lies over and over as scammers try to get Social Security Disability or defraud immigration authorities. The real victims are not so willing to relive those horrific events and their suffering and PTSD never gets addressed. On the other hand, bogus refugees laugh all the way to the bank. The sickening part is the fact they boast about their ill gotten gains and share how they got over on the US welfare and Social Security System. 

Many legitimate refugees get stranded in Malaysia and end up living in impoverished conditions, near starvation with little sanitation in over crowded refugee centers. Medical care; horribly foreshortened to say the least. Some people chose to escape these prison like conditions through suicide out of desperation while others resigned themselves to living out their lives in a squalid refugee camp. Addictions & abuses of every kind and human trafficking are rampant in Malaysian refugee camps. Refugees who I’ve interviewed told of how easy it was to spot the sham refugees from Burma, China and India for they had power plants and other luxury accommodations. Their skin, smooth and soft to the touch, well groomed and wear designer clothing. Their time of struggling and hardships; the inconvenience of having to fill the generator with gas or suffer the disruption of a reading light or favored TV show. Paleeeeeze!

Affluent scammers would only stay in the refugee centers for a few months, then they would be dodgily selected and sent to America or other host nation. One legit refugee told me she was in a camp for 11 years before she got to the US, very common. Others died of disease and depression, waiting. School girls were frequently kidnapped in camps and sold into bondage. Infants would be stolen from refugees only to be fed to leeches in Thailand specialty restaurants.

The kidnapped refugee babies would be lowered into vats filled with leeches and the critters would feast on the rich baby fat blood of the infant. The end result would be fat succulent leeches served piping hot with the usual Asian vegetable fair, dash of garlic, tamarind, onion and steamed rice. Knowing female human fetus is an aphrodisiac and served as a broth filled stew in China, this is actually quite mild. Maybe it needs more sriracha sauce? Crimes against refugees have no boundaries nor limits and border on inhuman.

One Burmese missionary couple I know rescued very young children from traffickers in Malaysia. They truly are heroes in my eyes for this unassuming little couple risks their lives almost on a daily basis rescuing kids from armed traffickers, sometimes in a hail of bullets. Young children are a delicacy or ‘chicken’ to affluent pedophiles from around the world. Malaysian traffickers are notorious for satisfying this lucrative global demand for children.

For the right price a person can order a child or adult for any purpose the customers heart desires, even for human sacrifice and consumption and shipped to any nation in the free world. In some cases desperate refugee families would be coerced or forced to sell one of their kids to survive but that is another long and convoluted story. Gun barrel adoption is what I call it.

This IS the family friendly version of what refugees revealed about their journeys for it was a barbarously treacherous one for the most needy, the legitimate refugees escaping persecution & genocide. Their journey to America was paved in misery, blood and death by fellow refugees who only wanted a better life. By sheer luck these refugees finally arrive in America and for the most part their struggle to survive should have come to a conclusion, or so you think. Though they don’t need to worry about the military junta, life in the big city has a list of dangers the innocent and trusting refugees are totally unprepared to cope with.

Victimization by their own people is all to common since some unscrupulous previous arrivals are totally cognizant of the formidable aid packages new arrivals receive. The chain of refugee abuse in America begins here and it only gets worse for the less educated & affiliated people who are hapless, trusting and the truly legitimate refugee. Shy larks and opportunists take food cards and con the neophyte arrival out of their cash allotments leaving them broke and without means.

Some agencies that receive government funding have been taken over by a specific ethnic group who then only provide the best housing, aid and jobs to fellow tribal members under the noses of their American hosts. Racial hatreds and tribal differences are played out as if this were Burma and the legitimate refugee is persecuted once again.

In some cases refugees are forced to pay unscrupulous aid/social workers to find jobs and must shell out big bucks so these criminals will divulge information, jobs and other services. If they don’t have all the money they are forced to pay outrageous interest fees, under threat of deportation. They are forced to pay out most of their allotments leaving them with little to live on after they are ripped off by people in positions of authority. And you better believe that educated traffickers out of Malaysia are working for NOG’s here in the good ole USA and they are making the big bucks scamming refugees since they are in a position of authority.

Refugees caught in this ‘jobs/aid’ scam in the US are starving because they are being victimized and forced into paying bogus late fees for services that are free. Fearful of authorities, refugees don’t dare say a word because they believe these corrupt fellow countrymen have the authority to send them back to Burma. This is far from the truth and fact is the US authorities would be more than happy to learn about these miscreants who prey on their own people for this is not an isolated situation.

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