Buffalohair: Outside Agitators Not Buddhists or Muslims Behind Mandalay Attacks


Outside Agitators Not Buddhists or Muslims Behind Mandalay Attacks

This is a "found" artwork. It's basically old toilet block covered in graffiti.According to sources within Mandalay the violence against Muslims and Buddhists are being committed by one source. Locals believe the agitators are government stooges trying to start another false flag disturbance like they did in Rakhine State with the Rohingya and Buddhist communities. One source said, “Where did these people come from since they are not from Mandalay?”

Many people speculate that this disturbance was designed to distract potential voters away from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD as they push for the 2015 elections. History reveals that this is an age old tactic General Than Shwe used to keep the nation in a state of turmoil so he and his thugs could rob this impoverished nation blind. In reality nothing has changed for the democracy Burma is experiencing is nothing more than Kabuki Theater, an act and bold faced lie for the western press. The fact journalists are being arrested should be an indicator that democracy is just a facade.

I still question why U Win Tin died, knowing there are many ways to cause death from dialysis that resemble ‘natural causes’. I think he was assassinated quietly because he posed a real threat to the status quo. My friend Sitt and I watched as one by one, every one of his friends died mysteriously in Burma and they were all pro democracy activists. There is no question Sitt would be dead by now from some natural cause if he were still in Burma.

Eye witnesses observed fabricated events strictly for the western press and other shady dealings that proved these events are simply staged. The collateral deaths of bystanders in this scam to divide the Muslim and Buddhist communities is considered a blessing to these thugs the Junta sent out to terrorize this once peaceful city. Witnesses also identified that these so called Buddhist & Muslims came into the community dressed in civilian cloths but more resembled soldiers out of uniform, all of them.

The Sham Buddhists came in chanting as if they were legitimate Buddhists but they did not have family or friends in Mandalay, neither did the Bogus Muslims. They stuck with themselves rather than mingle with family since obviously they had none. Mandalay residence did not recognize them and they did not share common ethnically cultural features or colloquialisms of the local Buddhist OR Muslim communities they claimed to come from. They literally came out of no where and started violence in both communities on the very same day. It was planned like clock work.

They are not Buddhists or Muslims, they are Junta stooges on a mission from the Tatmadaw to instigate violence between these religious groups. I personally have visited both the Muslim and Buddhist communities and celebrated with them. I clearly remember Buddhist coming to honor the Muslims on their sacred days as well as Muslims visiting Buddhists on their sacred days. They had mutual respect for one another and enjoyed these sacred days in harmony, food and celebration. It is a lie to think for one moment that Buddhists or Muslims within Burma would intentionally kill one another now since they lived in harmony for as long as older residence can remember. Surely there was peace before colonization, hmmmmm.

False flag events are the wave of the future as corrupt politicians around the world use this very same tactic to influence their electorates. Than Shwe used this tactic to hide the genocide in Kachin, Shan and Karen States from the media’s eyes. Burning down a Buddhist temple while casting blame on Christians or Muslims was and apparently still is the way of the Burmese government. Than Shwe once bragged to one of his blabbermouth generals that every ethnic and religious group including NGO’s in Burma are infiltrated with his spies, snitches and operatives. This is a classic example of how Than Shwe ruled Burma, through chaos and lies and nothing has changed according to locals.

With new Chinese trade deals in the works there is no question Mandalay will soon be the target of land grabs as well as Asian and western sweatshops. The influence of major corporations and their deep pockets has negatively influenced Burma’s politics ever since the UK had Aung San assassinated for trying to unite Burma. After all, a united Burma would rather utilize their natural resources to benefit their people and to advance their cultures. The Panglong Agreement would have provided the seed of unity this nation needed whence it was free from British colonial bondage. Burma had all the makings of a great nation that could have equaled Hong Kong, Japan or other advanced Asian nation for that matter, not plunged into poverty writhe with secular violence.

One thing we do know for sure is the fact General Than Shwe and his inner circle are Bilderberg Stooges like Thailand’s fugitive ex prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a crony of Uncle Than. Or was it just a coincidence that all the international corporations who continued to do business with Burma where exempt from the mandated sanctions imposed by the UN (Useless Nimrods). Even Ban K-moon’s vested corporate interests did business with the Sanctioned Burmese Junta. When it comes down to it, only Bilderberg Stooge Corporations did business with Burma during the sanctions period. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was only allowed to visit with Bilderberg Stooges while she was still under house arrest.

With all this in mind it is hard not to suspect that there are outside forces assisting the Burmese Junta in keeping this resource rich nation in a determinant state of chaos like oil rich nations in the mid-east. It is curious that the mainstream media only addresses the Rohingya turmoil while totally ignoring the atrocities being committed in Kachinland. Oh silly me, Kachinland is chock full of natural resources including gold, uranium and rare earth minerals global corporations desperately desire. Its just a coincidence that the parent companies of the western media are owned by the very criminals who want to strip Asia of its natural resources like they are doing in Africa and South America. Dare I mention the fracking chaos in Europe and North America? Same douche bags, same 1%…………..

It may be to simplistic to say it’s just the Burmese government who is behind this Buddhist – Muslim bloodletting. These events fall in line with the violence, corruption and land grabs that are infecting nations around the world and it all points directly to the Bilderberg Group and their shill organizations & corporations. Generalissimo Than Shwe and his flunky Thura U Shwe Mann are not clever enough to come up with such an international scheme. They are only stooges of the corporate like their fetid inner circle. The real rulers of Burma residing in Brussels and 10 Downing Street. The ruling class of Burma are only following orders from global thieves. They are also guilty of high treason against the people of Burma and false flag events are their weapons of choice.

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