Buffalohair: As Suspected Burma is Ruled by Zionists

As Suspected, Burma is Ruled by Zionists

Junta Zionists

It was always a mystery as to why Zionist Bilderberg Corporations were allowed to continue to do business with Burma throughout the sanctions imposed by the UN. It was also a wonder why only Bilderberg stooges as well as other Zionist entities were allowed to visit Suu Kyi while she was in house arrest. The Junta, including all the ‘retired’ generals of the so called civilian government are Buddhist Zionists. In other words, they are all conscripts of the New World Order and the Zionist Bilderberg Criminal Cartel.

Just remember all the stooges who visited Aunty Suu and you will soon discover they are conscripts of the Bilderberg Group and a corrupt collective of Zionist Western Global Corporations and politicians who are currently invading every country on the globe who posses oil, gas, gold, coal and other natural resources. With the protesting students be labeled as terrorists, members of Islamic State by the hopelessly corrupt Pro-Zionist Western Press? 

The Star of David was an invention of Theodor Herzl, father of the Zionist Political Movements in the late 1800’s and is truly ‘The Mark of the Beast’ and true Zionism. Note the Star of David on the Burmese Police uniform. That proclaims their alliance to the Global Zionist Movement. Satanic ritual, pedophilia and crimes against humanity are the calling cards of corrupt politicians and nations who follow this axiom of murder hate and greed and sadly, Burma has been a loyal member for many, many years.

The conduct of the Tatmadaw clearly shows Satanic Rituals being performed on ethnic children, men and women. Raping babies then disembowelling is only one example of what goes on behind the bamboo curtain of Burma. Honoring Hitler and other Zionist Icons is another classic example of what this bogus democracy does when the western cameras are off. Than Shwe and his thugs should be Knighted for their loyal service to the Crown for they are in good company of fellow pedophiles who were Knighted.

Small wonder the western media does not report all the atrocities being committed in Burma, they are owned by the very corporations who want to turn Burma into a sweatshop nation. India is cursed with Hindutva Zionist Stooge Nearendra Modi and his reign of corporate corruption has only just begun. Zionists are behind every religious conflict around the globe and are behind the religious conflicts in India and Burma as well.

Nations infected with Zionists within their political system turn a deaf ear on the people of Burma when the Junta murders and rapes its population. Kachin State is a classic example since global mining and drilling corporations eagerly await the fall of Kachin State so they can rape the countryside of its natural wealth. They are Zionists and have no love for real Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other dogmas that teach morality, truth and honesty. 

Zionism means Satanism in the grand scheme of things. The good thing is, their days are numbered as they follow in the footsteps of other corrupt civilizations and their downfall is imminent. People seem to forget the real message in all the ruins of advanced ancient civilizations. The message is that they all failed even with the most advanced technology and the help of galactic sewage who chose to share technology with stupid and greedy earth guys. The cretin of the universe will fall with greedy earthlings when their technology became worthless and that day will soon be upon us. Stupid Earth guys actually thought these boneheads were G*Ds.

In the words of the late U Win Tin; “Keep On Fighting!”

Your Devils Advocate


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