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Blog: Buffalohair: Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland
Sep 15, 2012
Ann LRD on September 15th, 2012
Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

There is no question Than Shwe continues to rule Burma with an iron fist. Only difference is he is hidden in Nay Pi Daw, out of sight, out of mind. Though President Their Sein ordered a stop to hostilities in Kachin State his request was ignored. The Tatmadaw does not take orders from civilians regardless if they were retired generals such as the case of President Their Sein. Burma’s duel government is a sham but a blessing to corporations who’ve skirted sanctions for decades.
The culprits of corruption are Than Shwe’s fetid inner circle as described in a well written piece by *Kanbawza Win. Kachinland is enveloped in a major war the west continues to ignore. Now the west has blood on their hands because of their ambivalence and failure to respond to this humanitarian crisis. After all, the Kachin or Jinghpaw people did not start this war; it was the Burmese Military who decided to break the ceasefire when Burma became a budding democracy over a year ago. Guess Burma is a democracy, just so it does not include the military dictatorship that is still in control via Burma’s sham constitution.
Fortunately the KIO/KIA is the stumbling block in Than Shwe’s fetid plan to euthanize the Jinghpaw. With no help from the outside world they are holding their own against the Tatmadaw and their well equipped army. Vladimir Putin thought it would a humanitarian gesture to sell Than Shwe’s air force sophisticated rockets to assist in the genocide of innocent men women and children. This undoubtedly will offer the Burmese Military a more efficient system to deliver their biological and chemical weapons. But with the world turning their heads the other way the Tatmadaw can do anything they like against civilians.
Jinghpaw troops have reported that many Burmese soldiers and officers have no taste for genocide and refuse to engage the valiant Jinghpaw soldiers. Some officers would rather spend their time in the brig rather than kill innocent people. Kachin troops have allowed them to retreat rather then slaughter them. Many were mere children hopped up on drugs and no match for the well trained Jinghpaw men and women who continue to defend their homeland.  But sadly there are Burmese troops who continue to rape and murder the Jinghpaw just for the shear joy of it and crimes against humanity still prevail unchecked.
Caught in the crossfire are the thousands of Internally Displaced People of Kachinland, fathers, mothers and their children who’ve been routed from their farms and homes. Many fled to avoid torture and rape or turned into slaves or porters then killed after they are used. With supplies is short supply these innocent people face yet another crisis and that is the weather for they are ill prepared to face the winter that is just around the corner. It is bad enough they are living in the elements as diseases begin to take their toll. Monsoon season continues to count coup on these victims of war yet there is little assistance from the world. What meager aid they do receive it is paltry in comparison to this epic humanitarian crisis. Than Shwe will get his wish as the innocent IDP’s continue to die from exposure and disease in the coming winter months.
Though some aid manages to filter into some regions there are many areas that do not see any aid. And it is with this in mind I am petitioning you the reader for help. The most vulnerable population of Kachinland, the IDP is in dire straights and in need of assistance. There are a few organizations out there but they do not have enough aid to go to these remote places but I know of one organization that continues to assist these suffering people. The DFW Kachin Baptist Church lead by Pastor La Seng Labya who is preparing a mission to these outlaying IDP camps along the China/Burma border and I know he can use all the help he can muster so he can provide some relief to these beleaguered people.
In desperation I beseech everyone who reads this story to assist La Seng in his mission to aid his fellow countrymen. It is an impossible mission for thousands of people are in desperate need of winter clothing, food and medical assistance. Shelter is also in critical demand as the pictures in this post reveals. I may not be able to stop the war in Kachinland but I can surely assist in this epic humanitarian crisis and possibly save a few more lives. I know this organization and they’ve continued to aid in the relief efforts from a grass roots posture and if you wish to make a difference in the lives of innocent IDP’s this is the chance for you to participate. The church is a non profit organization with a tax ID so any aid is tax deductable.
The war in Kachinland will continue until the people of the world are made fully aware of this situation. People will continue to die from unspeakable hardships as well as from Burmese rifles. That will not stop La Seng from delivering hope and love to people who never wanted war in the first place, the IDP. It would also be advised that people contact their politicians and ask why there is no support for the Kachin people. If enough people inquire about Than Shwe’s secret war then maybe we can add enough political pressure to stop this exercise in eugenics before the Kachin are eliminated from the face of the earth. And shame on the western media for ignoring the war and this epic humanitarian crisis.
Photos provided by the KIO/KIA & La Seng Labya
Contact Le Seng and learn how you can participate in this humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;
Pastor La Seng Labya
DFW Kachin Baptist Church
1000 West Lamar Blvd
Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097
 * The Evil Genius, Than Shwe and the Current Reforms
Your Devil’s Advocate
Buffalohair, (Shan Htoi Gam)
© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Blog: Buffalohair: Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 2
Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 2

Non Governmental Organizations provide a critical lifeline for refugees being resettled in America. They provide a myriad of services including interpretation assistance until the refugee can grasp the English language. From filling simple forms to getting advisement on legal & medical issues, the interpreter is crucial in the refugee’s assimilation process. Unfortunately this aspect of the refugee experience also provides unscrupulous NGOs, interpreters and opportunistic refugees a golden opportunity to fleece the American system and we the taxpayer are footing the bill.
Social Security & Medicare and other social programs are on the brink of extinction. So you can imagine my chagrin when I discovered that foreign NGOs, most notably the notoriously corrupt United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and ethnically connected NGOs were training refugees in the art of welfare fraud and how to scam the US system. Human trafficking NGOs in Malaysia assisted in the selling of brides to America according to a ‘bride’ that admitted to she was sold by her parents. Adopted teenage ‘children’ in some cases are actually adults in their mid 20’s & 30’s and not orphans with family members living within the nearby Burmese community. They are scamming wealthy well meaning American adoptive parents according to a bogus orphan who boasted about his fanciful life.
The UNHCR also provide bogus identifications (UN ID) complete with birth certificates and bogus tribe of origin for those who are not refugees and have the cash. Their goal is to ‘retire’ on the dole in the good ole USA. Antics out of Malaysia include bogus religious credentials so a person does not need a ‘real’ job, sham educational certifications and bogus medical documents that declare them disabled and unable to work. Trafficking has been a most lucrative venture for the UN officials and NGOs out of Malaysia. It is clear NGOs who cater to one specific tribe are also knee deep in bogus refugees who only seek to exploit resources from well meaning host nations like the USA.
The purchasing of brides was encouraged by a sham pastor who was resettled in the DFW area from Malaysia. Promoting large families to qualify for hefty food cards and welfare was also encouraged with the blessings of G*D by this pseudo religious iconic schmuck. This so-called pastor is collecting aid of every kind while living high on the hog on ‘tidings’ and he is not alone boys and girls. Some NGOs in the US who receives matched government funding or stipends has become beacons of fraud. They offer jobs and quality housing to tribal members while giving the real refugees little help or completely misleading them out of racial hatred. And we-the-taxpayers are financing these criminals without any checks and balances to insure where our money is actually going. The IRS would have a field day, if only they knew.
Tribally racist NGOs & interpreters formed an elaborate network to defraud providers & the US Government with the help of refugees of the same tribe. Refugees would claim they do not speak Burmese and request a tribal member to interpret even though they know the Burmese language, costing providers needlessly. Then the interpreter and refugee plot a course of fraud and deception to shake down the American system. For example the Chin tribe has over 20 sub-dialects and they must use Burmese to communicate between these groups. One Chin man told a Burmese interpreter he only spoke the Chin language though he was speaking fluently in Burmese. Scamming the system has become an art form for some so called refugees who came out of Malaysia, with the help of sham NGOs here in the states of course.
If anyone did their homework they would know which tribes are not being persecuted in Burma. In doing so this would also identify the fraudsters in the US who are scamming America. Out of western eyes is absolute racism against the real refugee by educated and well versed opportunists who claim to be refugees. And I am not a happy camper since I spent valuable resources and time helping them before I learned the truth. They are easy to spot because they are arrogant, demanding and pushy unlike the true refugee who is meek and fearful of authority figures. They also dress well by Asian standards and no strangers to financial concerns and know how to drive, well sort of. Most real refugees don’t have such knowledge about modern living except for political exiles and there are frauds in that group as well. Yes Pastor Paul, you pissed of the wrong American philanthropist. I would not have believed you and your NGO chum was capable of such criminallity against your own congregation, the US taxpayers and myself if I did not witness it with my very own eyes.
Tribally prejudice interpreters are guiding their refugee relations through the fraudulent process of collect disability checks for bogus ailments and in return they are rewarded with ‘gifts’ of food and cash for their efforts. The pocketing of offering money from their congregation and not claiming a dime while collecting hefty disability & welfare checks & food stamps is par for the course. American Churches who’ve offered a place of worship to these scam artists are not aware of the crimes these bogus pastors are perpetrating in the House of G*D.
Church elders should invest in a qualified interpreter to survey the contents of these sermons to insure they are not supporting fraud. Some religious colleges in Malaysia are nothing more than a copying machine at a sham NGO next to the water cooler. But again I must stress that the majority of the clergy within the Burmese communities I visit are legitimate and the love of G*D flourishes within their fold. Though I follow my tribal tradition I can feel the Creators presents within these hallowed places of worship and it is very humbling indeed. They would have nothing to hide if there was an audit of their congregation.
I was saddened by how sleazy some of these so-called religious figures actually are because I’ve also been duped into helping them in the past. How far beyond stupid is that? I wasted so much time and money on these moral maggots while the truly needy were left to fend for themselves. They say the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease but I say the wheel that squeaks the loudest may not even be a real refugee. But like they say in Texas, you mess with the bull and eventually you’ll get the horn and El Toro is one pissed off bovine.  
Preying on the true refugee is rampant by ad hoc and tribal interpreters who shake down the innocent and trusting refugees on a daily basis. This is criminality that is being funded by the American taxpayer, you and me. The language barrier is the refugees Achilles tendon and a gateway or golden opportunity for unscrupulous interpreters and NGOs. Who would know other than the sham NGO, interpreter or the refugee anyway? Healthcare providers, social services and the legal system are language blind and must depend on interpreters and these fraudulent agencies and their minions slid under the radar with relative ease without fear of detection. It’s the perfect crime.
Doctors, nurses and other health care providers are discovering that some refugees are not who they say they are. I’ve heard of many medical examinations where doctors discovered a person was not the age claimed on their birth certificates. Well you can thank UNHCR for issuing bogus certificates to school girls making them 20 or 30 years of age and turning men into teenage boys. Then they are trafficked to clients in the US. Some bogus refugees are brother and sister who buy a child simply to appear like a family to speed up the resettlement process to America and to collect lucrative benefits. Other people buy children to use as slaves in the US, purchased from tribal families who thought their children would get a better life. The sex trade is teaming with hapless refugee women who were sold to brothels and pimps.
This is more common than people realize and there is a very real need to use DNA testing on ALL incoming refugees. DNA Testing, DNA Testing, DNA Testing. This is only the tip of the human trafficking ice berg. And it’s not just from Asia this human trafficking and aid abuse scam is being perpetrated for it’s a global racket. We-the-people of the United States of America are purposefully being targeted by very well organized criminals who’ve placed themselves in some of the top relief and refugee agencies in the world. But some NGOs are completely fraudulent and were designed solely for the purpose of scamming good hearted and well meaning Americans.
Many sham refugees are not from the country or tribe they claim to be from. But being a refugee is a more lucrative way to migrate to the US. With the help of sham NGO groups immigrants don’t need to go through normal channels to migrate to America. And most important of all they get cash, housing and benefits that were set aside for victims of war, abuse and genocide; the true refugee. In essence US citizens are doling out cash so scammers can move to America and live like kings & queens. They are living fat on American generosity while the truly needy are ignored or given scant assistance.
I’ve traveled throughout the refugee communities and I know there are multitudes of refugees who are very thankful to the American people for giving them a new and safe life. These numbers far outweigh the scam artists and NGOs I’ve discovered so don’t walk away with the impression all refugees are criminals. Unfortunately fraudsters are strategically located at sham & legitimate NGOs and work in critical occupations that interface with refugees like social worker, case worker, interpretation and the clergy. They target these professions with a vengeance and there is little back ground information potential employers can go by, other than what is verified by sham agencies in Malaysia who trained them in the art of fraud in the first place.
It’s a vicious cycle that has placed scammers in the heart of many legitimate agencies across Texas and the nation. They even formed NGO organizations that are more related to criminal cartels rather than refugee relief agencies, with our money! They are milking the system for all the cash they can get while persecuting the truly innocent refugee in the process. Racial hatred is their calling card and fearful refugees remain silent because of their inherent fear of authority figures. Refugees feel like they are still living in Burma because the immediate authority figures they encounter are criminals who shake them down for bribes.
True refugees from Burma fear they will loose what meager aid these thugs give them. It is not uncommon to hear of how an interpreter or case manager has taken refugee’s food cards, cash, threatened them or simply denied critical services such as employment opportunities and health care. Refugees endured physical and emotional abuse while living in constant fear they will be deported if they refused to give a ‘gift’ to these criminals. It is time for an oversight committee to conduct audits, investigations, interviews and surveillance on all phases of NGO operations within America. There must be a federal standard that is enforced to insure compliance under the law. If there is already a mandate in place then someone is asleep at the wheel or on the take as well.
Interpreters should go through a stringent screening process with background checks before they are placed in such a critical position of authority. There must to be a national standard and regulatory protocol that is enforced with regard to the professional interpreter. A college education must be required from an accredited university with legitimate transcripts that are accepted by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) or other accredited organizations. Interpreters must be literate and have knowledge of both the American & Burmese cultures, not someone who just picked up the language in a refugee camp, sham agency in Malaysia or a tent in Darfur.
Would you allow someone to perform heart surgery simply because they have blood on their shirt and claim to be a butcher?   
Your Devil’s Advocate
© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Blog: Buffalohair: Burma: Where Western Aid for Kachin IDPs is NOT Going, A Pictorial Journey
Burma: Where Western Aid for Kachin IDP’s is NOT Going, A Pictorial Journey

America Christian Organizations are sending millions of dollars in aid to the beleaguered Kachin Internally Displaced People. You’d think all is looking up but unfortunately this is not the case according to my Jinghpaw brother La Seng Labya who just returned from Kachinland. Apparently these well meaning organizations are sending aid that is simply not getting to the people in dire need. Rather than speculate where the money is actually going I’ve compiled a few pictures to show you where the aid is NOT going.
Reverend La Seng Labya is a Baptist minister from Fort Worth-Texas and cares deeply for his brothers and sisters in Burma. He is a true philanthropist and made the pilgrimage to Kachinland many times with humanitarian aid he personally gathered with the help of the DFW Kachin Baptist Church, Oakland Burmese Mission Baptist Church, Chin Revival Church, Arizona Kachin Christian Fellowship, Smiley Dental Group and fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters back in the US in an effort to ease the suffering. He also hand delivered the aid to insure it got to the people in dire need. Truly nonpolitical his only real concern is for their physical & spiritual needs. The photos are just a brief pictorial journey into the lives of the suffering of Kachinland who are just not being served by well intending organizations in the US.

Refugee center along the China/Burma border are hard pressed for resources and if it were not for the Chinese population in the region they would surely die of starvation. It should be noted the Chinese people are also hard pressed for resources because of the on going conflict but they give what they can to help the Kachin people in spite of their condition. The Chinese have shown themselves to be humanitarians in their own right.

Thousands of Kachin IDP’s have survived insurmountable odds to arrive in what was perceived as sanctuary but in actuality this may be their final death nill as the brutal winter months approach. Humanitarian aid is only a word for many IDPs and the struggle to survive continues and death awaits the weak, the young and the elderly. The plight of the refugee is equally dire for the only difference between them and the IDP is the fact they are on the Chinese side of the border.

Though the IDP and refugees are protected from enemy troops and human traffickers they are totally at the whim of nature and the elements.

As La Seng described what he had witnessed just a few weeks ago I knew in my heart he was totally overwhelmed by what he saw. The emotion in his voice and body language foretold a man who was grief stricken by the fetid conditions his people were being subjected to. I also felt his determination to ease their pain and suffering. La Seng is a man driven and he truly believes he can make a difference in the lives these human beings. I must admit that I was moved deeply as well for I only showed you the tip of the ice berg in this epic human drama.

Pictures speak louder than words and for the most part I am speechless.

I can only ponder how many people will survive the monsoon season only to face the harsh winters this region is noted for.

The established centers are severly overcrowded but there are a few more amenities such as a chapels, learning centers, proximity to medical assistance but they are also a better target for enemy troops who’ve shelled centers along the border indiscriminately over the last year. With what assistance was available more shelters were build but without further aid some projects were canceled in favor of more basic needs such as food and medical supplies.

There are many more photos but they all tell the same tale of grief and human suffering. The lack of support from the outside world has left an indelible mark on my soul as well as La Seng’s. There is no question critically needed aid never arrived in some of the neediest places on earth. The only thing that keeps them going is their faith and they have services every day, 3 times a day in part to keep their souls filled with hope and to give their spirits some solace in spite of their plight.

Though it would appear they have been neglected or ignored they are not bitter nor do they hold any anger to the outside agencies. It is said they believe the outside world simply does not know the real score and how things are or are not done. With this in mind I made this little pictorial so outside agencies are made aware of their situation. Hopefully aid will finally be pointed in the direction of the people who truly are in need of the critical supplies they need to sustain life. With winter just around the corner time is a critical factor. Reverend La Seng Labya is planning another trip and I urge people and agencies to contact him if they want to help these innocent people.
This was La Seng’s itinerary the last trip he took;
1. July 17-22, 2012: Laiza, Kachin State:  Jeyang, Hpum Lum Yang IDP Camps and Churches, China-Burma Border.
2. July 23-24, 2012: Mai Ja Yang, Kachin state: IDP Camps, NGO office, School and Institution, Kachin-Burma Border.
3. July 25-26, 2012: Yingjang, Yunan, China: Meeting and Bible Semiar at Hpyingyang Chinese Baptist Church,   Yunan, China.
4. July 27-28, 2012: Mangshi, Yunan, China-Meeting and visitation.
5. July 16, 28, 2012: Kunming, Yunan, China.
For more information on how you can help the IDP & Refugees from Kachin State I urge you to contact La Seng directly for more details. There is no question you will be saving lives and your donations will be hand delivered to the people who need it most of all.
DFW Kachin Baptist Church                                  DFW Kachin Baptist Church
1000 West Lamar Blvd                                          PO BOX-121603
Arlington,TX 76012                                                 Arlington,TX 76012
(Worship & Fellowship)                                         (Gift/Donation to be sent)
Your Devil’s Advocate
Buffalohair (Shan Htoi Gam)
© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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August 18, 2012 – Posted by littlerunningdeer | Buffalohair Stories and News, Buffalohair Universe, Burma Photos | A Pictorial Journey, Buffalohair: Burma: Where Western Aid for Kachin IDPs is NOT Going

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Blog: Buffalohair: The UNs Lifting Sanctions Scam in Burma
Jul 20, 2012

The UN’s ‘Lifting Sanctions Scam’ in Burma

Don’t get too excited about the lifting of sanctions in Burma. Western and Asian corporations have been in Burma for decades with the blessings of the United Nations and Countries of the free world. As criminal puke Ban k-moon plays up the lifting of sanctions he failed to mention all the existing corporations who continued to violate sanctions for decades. Now this bogus Than Shwe and the IMF developed is inviting investors to Burma. The reality is, they are sugarcoating corporations who are already there. Some have been there for decades. I am providing you a very short list of these criminal corporations. Thein Sein is only a front man for Than Shwe, so get over it stupid!

Daewoo International of South Korea
Along with gas exploration they also have numerous other enterprises. Take a long hard look at the shelves of any store. You will find TV’s, Radio’s, DVD Players, Cars and trucks. One strange bedfellow just happens to be General Motors. Fact is, Daewoo of South Korea is well entrenched with the Burmese Military Junta and have gleaned quite a handsome profit from this nation. And of course, they are invested in Burma’s gas fields.
“[These] are all long-time investments. They can’t be easily changed because of domestic issues. Politics is politics. Economics is economics.”
Chevron Texaco of the United States
Including Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem), GS Caltex and Mrs. Beasley Cookie Company. They are invested heavily in Burma’s gas fields. With record breaking profits every quarter you’d think they would not be so greedy. Every drop of their oil and gas is nothing better than drops of human blood.
“Our community development programs also help improve the lives of the people they touch and thereby communicate our values, including respect for human rights.”
Total of France
Like Chevron, they are heavily invested in Burmese gas. Their excuse is that they are convinced they will help the people of Burma. In all actuality, they are invested in death and wholesale murder of ethnic people. When will the lives of human beings take priority over capital gains? Surely the people of France will be appalled whence they know this reality.
“We are convinced that through our presence we are helping to improve the daily lives of tens of thousands of people who benefit from our social and economic initiatives.”
Nippon Oil ofJapan
Just like the rest of the greedy oil profit hungry companies. They are heavily invested in Burma’s gas and inadvertently financing the killing machine of the criminal military government of Burma. Again, the people of Japan would be appalled by this statement from this company. It is not the people of these countries; it’s the greedy people of these corporations who’ve placed profits over human rights.
“We see the political situation and energy business as separate matters.”
PTT Public Company Ltd. of Thailand
They are invested in many ways with this military junta. Of course gas is a primary cause for their greed and total disregard for human suffering.
“We have invested in Burma over the past decade. Despite the political conflict, the benefits from the projects will go to people of both countries.”
Lloyd’s of London.
Lloyd’s, located at the heart of the City of London, describes itself as, “the world’s leading, specialist insurance market.” According to the Burmese Ministry of Finance and Revenue, Lloyd’s provides reinsurance to Myanma Insurance. Lloyd’s syndicates (Lloyd’s terminology for their member companies that sell insurance) have also sold insurance to a regime owned airline. Lloyd’s admitted in April 2008 that some shipping and aviation reinsurance for companies in Burmagoes through Lloyd’s. As a consequence of the actions of their syndicates Lloyd’s were placed on our “2005 Dirty List”. Later that year Lloyd’s stated that they were not able to compel their members to end their involvement in Burmaand claimed that it would be “against competition law for members to collectively decide not to operate in Burma”.

Pending investigations of these claims Lloyd’s were removed from the Dirty List. Our investigations failed to identify any UK law or act to substantiate Lloyd’s’ claims. Lloyd’s conceded in July 2008 that “Competition Law is not relevant in this case”. When asked to make a statement to their syndicates alerting them to the human rights concerns associated with selling insurance to companies in Burma Lloyd’s refused, instead issuing the following statement on July 23rd 2008: “Unless there are official UN sanctions in place, Lloyd’s does not instruct the market where it can and cannot write business. Competition Law is not relevant in this case. However, we do not make public comments on the politics or economic policies of national or international bodies.”
London, UK

Hannover Re
Hannover Re describes itself as “one of the leading reinsurance groups in the world.” Its website states that it is represented in the Burmese market by its Malaysian subsidiary.
Hannover, Germany

Catlin describes itself as “an international specialist property and casualty insurer and reinsurer, writing more than 30 classes of business”. It has four “underwriting platforms”: the Catlin Syndicate at Lloyd’s, Catlin Bermuda, Catlin UK and Catlin US. The company has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline.
Hamilton, Bermuda

Atrium Underwriting
Atrium Underwriting manages two Lloyd’s Syndicates. Atrium has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline. It is owned by the Bermudan company Ariel Re.
London, United Kingdom

XL is a global insurance company with “local knowledge and expertise in approximately 100 countries.” According to Reinsurance Magazine, the company has provided insurance services to a regime owned airline. Although we asked the company’s Londonoffice to account for the policies of the company they replied in late July 2008 stating we should “contact other XL companies to ascertain their position”. The Burma Campaign UK will be contacting these companies directly.
Hamilton, Bermuda

Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Co.
Tokio Marine describes itself as Japan’s largest and longest established non-life insurance company. The company’s recently acquired Lloyd’s subsidiary, Kiln, has provided insurance to a regime owned airline. Tokio Marine Company also maintains a representative office in Burma.
Tokyo, Japan

Sompo Japan
Sompo Japanis one of the three largest non-life Japanese insurers. The company admits to operating a “Liason office” in Burmato &ldquorovide insurance information to customers”. Sompo Japanhas offices across the world, including in the UK. Evidence indicates the company has applied to form a joint venture with regime owned Myanma Insurance.
Tokyo, Japan

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Mitstui is one of Japan’s largest non-life insurers. Included in its large overseas network is a representative office in Rangoon. Evidence indicates the company has applied to form a joint venture with regime owned Myanma Insurance.
Tokyo, Japan

QBE describes itself as “Australia’s largest international general insurance and reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide”. Company websites state it has two correspondent offices in Burma
Sydney, Australia
ACE is a global insurance and reinsurance company based in Bermuda. Its subsidiary, Ace Marine, offers insurance for Burma through its London office.
London, United Kingdom

Labuan Re
Labuan Re headquartered in Malaysia describes itself as “an international reinsurer”. The company lists Burmaas one of its “overseas markets”.
Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia

OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation) is Singapore’s longest established bank, and is today one of Asia’s leading financial services groups. Its subsidiary, Great Eastern Holdings, describes itself as the “leading insurer in Singapore”, it has stated it provides insurance services to Singapore owned companies in Burma.

Pana Harrison
Pana Harrison is a Singaporean based insurance broker. It lists Burmaas part of its network. Our sources indicate the company is active in the aviation sector, providing insurance services for regime owned airlines.

Target Insurance Broker
Target is a Singaporean broker which works in the Lloyd’s, Australian and European markets. It also provides insurance brokerage services for companies in Burma.

Arab Insurance Group (ARIG)
ARIG is the “largest reinsurance company in the Middle east and North Africa”. It is part owned by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Kuwait. The company’s website states that its Singaporebranch is responsible for activities in Burma.
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Al Wasl
Al Wasl is a Dubaibased (re)insurance reinsurance broker. The company’s website states that its Bangladesh offices are responsible for marketing the companies operations in Burma.
Dubai,United Arab Emirates
And we can’t forget SWIFT Financial Group of Belgium who has laundered trillions of dollars to corporation and individuals on behalf of General Than Shwe over the years in an effort to dodge taxes from the nations they come from.  The United Nations is also guilty of taking bribes throughout Burma’s bogus sanctions. UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari is a swine who enriched himself over the years in Burma, Ban k-moon is also a reprehensible puke of an individual for allowing his vested corporate interests from  Korea to literally enslave Burmese while raping their women. Refugee after refugee all identify US, Australian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean business men who used women as sex toys, even to the point of beating and murdering them. TATA, Hyundai and much more are on the list as well. On a sidebar; SWIFT is most likely laundering drug money as well. If not, calling all cartels, SWIFT is open for business but so is BoA, Wachovia and Wells Fargo for that matter.

It is also known the so called civilian government scam was basically a sugar coated attempt to legitimize these and other corporations who continued to violate sanctions and line the pockets of Than Shwe and the vermin of the Tatmadaw who are still in control of this beleaguered nation. It was through the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization the Bilderberg group conspired with the Junta to pull of this scam. I guess it’s also a coincidence that these companies were also Bilderberg conscripts. The United Nations itself is a Bilderberg shill organization and that is why they sided with Bilderberg cronies like Assad of Syria, Mubarak of Egypt and other Bilderberg vermin throughout the Mid-East including Netanyahu. Suu Kyi is still a hostage and still subject to assassination if she makes to many waves. And it will not be the first time the junta tried to kill her in plain view of the world. After all, she was elected president and almost died because of it and the world did nothing, just double talk and bogus ignored sanctions while she spent her life under house arrest.
The Kachin people or Jinghpaw are under siege as war is being waged by the junta of Burma for the benefit of international mining interests who are hungry for Kachinland’s natural resources including oil, gold, uranium, emeralds, and the prize of rare earth minerals. Hillary ‘Eugenics’ Clinton is the face of the mining industry in both Canada and the US and they are letting Than Shwe’s military do the ‘dirty work’. It is obvious she is waiting for the junta kill off the Kachin so her constituents from the west can turn Kachinland into an open pit mine. But that’s OK, just remember; what comes around goes around and we are living in the time of change and soon the destiny of evil is carved in stone. We face some hard times but it is the elitists of global fraud who will ultimately take the biggest hit when it is all said and done, so will their investors.
Partial ‘dirty list’ provided by Burma Campaign UK
Your Devil’s Advocate


© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Tags: Buffalohair: The UN’s ‘Lifting Sanctions Scam’ in Burma

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Blog: Buffalohairs News From Burma
Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

In the heat of battle, Kachin troops found themselves under attack from several flanks. When all seemed lost a Kachin officer appeared out of nowhere, standing in plain view of both Burmese and Kachin troops. Instantly he began directing gunfire and the Kachin dutifully followed orders redirected their fire sucessfuly forcing the aggressors to retreat. The officer began pointing out other hot-spots; again the Kachin routed more entrenched invaders. When the battle was over the Kachin officer simply vanished into thin air.


Michael the Archangel

more »

Putting a Face on the People the Media Ignores, ‘The Kachin’
Not much is being said about the war in Kachinland. Crimes against humanity, bold acts of genocide being committed and the mainstream media is silent. Men, women and children are being tortured and slaughtered by the Burmese government and all we can think of is lifting sanctions and gaining access to Kachinland’s burgeoning natural resources. Small wonder mankind is screwed.

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a link via Carlos TheZilla.

Rare Earth Minerals From Kachin State – The Reason the West is Allowing Burma to Murder Kachin


Buffalohair @Buffalohair Canada,United States Journalist/Film Maker dedicated to covering news from the voiceless people of the World. Sardonically Entertaining when I discover Stupid News.



Burma: Heavy Fighting Continues in Kachin and Shan States

Burma’s war against the Kachin people has gone under the radar of the mainstream media for over a year. Only a few days ago the Kachin commemorated a year since the Military Junta of Burma first broke a 17 year old ceasefire. It’s been a tumultuous time in *Kachinland with heavy shelling and gun battles accruing casualties from both junta and Kachin forces. Vanquished Burmese troops surrendered to elite Kachin troops; battles rage across the region threatening major trade routes and pipelines and the media is still asleep at the wheel. At least Suu Kyi told a packed and bedazzled UK Parliament about the plight of the Kachin people. The ‘New Lies of Myanmar’ will undoubtedly have a field day with that revelation.

more »

Suu Kyi & the Contradictions of State
As her recent tour of Europe makes clear, Aung San Suu Kyi remains popular. But two of Burma’s ethnic minority groups are wondering if her caution amounts to betrayal.
Burma: The root, the cause of the Kachin situation

During the panel talk held at the London School of Economics on June 19th, 2012, Aung San Suu Kyi was asked why she……..

America Fails ‘Asia 101’, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

I know what it must have felt like to watch helplessly as the Indian Wars unfolded in America. Corporate interests and their presses published lies and excuses to justify the wholesale slaughter of the natives in the name of Manifest Destiny. Now in complete helplessness I am watching the systematic annihilation of another tribe of people, ‘The Kachin’. The Burmese government is killing them simply for the natural resources Kachinland possesses. The media remains mum to atrocities while promoting the lifting of sanctions. How far beyond stupid is that?

more »

Kachin Pastor Makes Plea for His People, Victims of Burma’s Secret War

I am forwarding a letter my Kachin Brother La Seng sent me. If you don’t have any idea what Kachinland is I would advice you to read this message. La Seng is an elder in the Kachin community and works within his homeland for a host of philanthropic reasons. He is an eye witness to the atrocities being committed. In fact there are many people I know who are witnesses to the continued savagery being committed by the Burmese government against the Kachin people.

more »

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Buffalohair: An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity 1 day ago
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We Need To Get Back To The Constitution And The Bill Of Rights 3 days ago
United States Constitution: Russell Means: The Constitution is Indian Law and thats why I Love it. 3 days ago
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Burmese TV Update 09-19-12 54 min ago
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s Interview with VOA Editor on Rakhine and Rohingyas 2 hrs ago
16 Trapped After Tunnel Collapse in China 3 hrs ago
Nearing Solar Maximum – Incredible 2007 to 2012 Sun Time-Lapse Video 3 hrs ago
In China, “I do not want to speak Japanese” right now 3 hrs ago
Buffalohair-Jage Press / Buffalohair Entertainment
YouTube Digest – Sep 16, 2012 / jwcfree Sungha Jung 2 days ago
YouTube Digest – Sep 16, 2012 / jwcfree Sungha Jung 2 days ago
Kachin Godspel Song 2 days ago
Kachin Godspel Song 2 days ago
Matai Gaw Sawng Ai 2 days ago
Buffalohair Universe | Global News and Reviews
An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity 2 days ago
Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland 3 days ago
Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper 1 week ago
Who Was The Last Real American President? 2 weeks ago
Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 2 3 weeks ago
Redwood Forest
Buffalohair: An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity 1 day ago
Buffalohair: Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland 2 days ago
Ron Paul / member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. 6 days ago
Ron Paul / member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. 6 days ago
Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket? What does that mean? Wisdom? Yes, For All Things! 1 week ago
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Blog: Think About it! John_Pilger – Burma – Land of Fear
Myanmar opposition leader charged – 14 May 2009
May 15, 2009

John_Pilger – Burma – Land of Fear

Inside Burma’s Insein prison BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Inside Burma’s Insein prison
A former inmate at Burma’s Insein jail tells the BBC about conditions where Inside Burma’s Insein prison · Aung San Suu Kyi: A life in pictures – 62k –





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Blog: Wired Science . Cybertarget: USA? | PBS + The Than Shwe Virus
Wired Science . Cybertarget: USA? | PBS + The Than Shwe Virus
March 30, 2009

cartoon_sept18The Than Shwe Virus
Burmas regime sent an army of students to Russia
for cyber warfare training.
Burma’s Firewall Fighters – Reports – Committee to Protect Journalists
Burma’s military junta imposed tighter internet restrictions after the … virus was written in Russian script and sent via an Internet protocol address based in Panama. … clear” that the Burmese government had launched the viral attack, Internet service providers, influence and control over the country’s two – 34k

The Irrawaddy Blog: The Burmese Regime’s Cyber Offensive
On Tuesday, we received reports that the Internet in Burma was running … explained: “Your server is under a major attack. Burma’s regime sent an army of students to Russia for cyber … has shifted from the streets to the jungle and now to the computer. … Archives. 2009 (479); 2008 (588) – 55k –

SPDC (Burma) – Internet Enemy 2009
Internet users often use the “Lebanese server” – a connection via a long distance phone call … But some websites are the targets of computer attacks. …. Russian blog platform Livejournal was blocked in February 2009 by Uzbek access– 173k –

Spam  with ur addresses ….. UR is from Russia. They link up and use peoples computers to swamp and crash Servers.
Wired Science . Cybertarget: USA? | PBS
Oct 3, 2007 … But that attack was a relatively minor nuisance compared to what could … federal agencies were being accessed from a computer in Russia. – 38k –

Wired Science . World War 2.0 | PBS
No one knows for sure, but a whole lot of evidence points to Russian WIRED Science went to Estonia to find out how the attacks were launched, – 30k –

Russian hackers penetrate Pentagon computer system in cyber attack
Computer hackers suspected of working from Russia successfully penetrated Pentagon computer systems in one of the most severe cyber attacks on US military networks.
Russian hackers penetrate Pentagon computer system in cyber attack
Dec 1, 2008 Computer hackers suspected of working from Russia successfully penetrated Pentagon computerattacks systems in one of the most severe cyber…/Russian-hackers-penetrate-Pentagon-computer-system-in-cyber-attack.html

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