Buffalohair: Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland


Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

There is no question Than Shwe continues to rule Burma with an iron fist. Only difference is he is hidden in Nay Pi Daw, out of sight, out of mind. Though President Their Sein ordered a stop to hostilities in Kachin State his request was ignored. The Tatmadaw does not take orders from civilians regardless if they were retired generals such as the case of President Their Sein. Burma’s duel government is a sham but a blessing to corporations who’ve skirted sanctions for decades.

The culprits of corruption are Than Shwe’s fetid inner circle as described in a well written piece by *Kanbawza Win. Kachinland is enveloped in a major war the west continues to ignore. Now the west has blood on their hands because of their ambivalence and failure to respond to this humanitarian crisis. After all, the Kachin or Jinghpaw people did not start this war; it was the Burmese Military who decided to break the ceasefire when Burma became a budding democracy over a year ago. Guess Burma is a democracy, just so it does not include the military dictatorship that is still in control via Burma’s sham constitution.

Fortunately the KIO/KIA is the stumbling block in Than Shwe’s fetid plan to euthanize the Jinghpaw. With no help from the outside world they are holding their own against the Tatmadaw and their well equipped army. Vladimir Putin thought it would a humanitarian gesture to sell Than Shwe’s air force sophisticated rockets to assist in the genocide of innocent men women and children. This undoubtedly will offer the Burmese Military a more efficient system to deliver their biological and chemical weapons. But with the world turning their heads the other way the Tatmadaw can do anything they like against civilians.

Jinghpaw troops have reported that many Burmese soldiers and officers have no taste for genocide and refuse to engage the valiant Jinghpaw soldiers. Some officers would rather spend their time in the brig rather than kill innocent people. Kachin troops have allowed them to retreat rather then slaughter them. Many were mere children hopped up on drugs and no match for the well trained Jinghpaw men and women who continue to defend their homeland.  But sadly there are Burmese troops who continue to rape and murder the Jinghpaw just for the shear joy of it and crimes against humanity still prevail unchecked.

Caught in the crossfire are the thousands of Internally Displaced People of Kachinland, fathers, mothers and their children who’ve been routed from their farms and homes. Many fled to avoid torture and rape or turned into slaves or porters then killed after they are used. With supplies is short supply these innocent people face yet another crisis and that is the weather for they are ill prepared to face the winter that is just around the corner. It is bad enough they are living in the elements as diseases begin to take their toll. Monsoon season continues to count coup on these victims of war yet there is little assistance from the world. What meager aid they do receive it is paltry in comparison to this epic humanitarian crisis. Than Shwe will get his wish as the innocent IDP’s continue to die from exposure and disease in the coming winter months.

Though some aid manages to filter into some regions there are many areas that do not see any aid. And it is with this in mind I am petitioning you the reader for help. The most vulnerable population of Kachinland, the IDP is in dire straights and in need of assistance. There are a few organizations out there but they do not have enough aid to go to these remote places but I know of one organization that continues to assist these suffering people. The DFW Kachin Baptist Church lead by Pastor La Seng Labya who is preparing a mission to these outlaying IDP camps along the China/Burma border and I know he can use all the help he can muster so he can provide some relief to these beleaguered people.

In desperation I beseech everyone who reads this story to assist La Seng in his mission to aid his fellow countrymen. It is an impossible mission for thousands of people are in desperate need of winter clothing, food and medical assistance. Shelter is also in critical demand as the pictures in this post reveals. I may not be able to stop the war in Kachinland but I can surely assist in this epic humanitarian crisis and possibly save a few more lives. I know this organization and they’ve continued to aid in the relief efforts from a grass roots posture and if you wish to make a difference in the lives of innocent IDP’s this is the chance for you to participate. The church is a non profit organization with a tax ID so any aid is tax deductable.

The war in Kachinland will continue until the people of the world are made fully aware of this situation. People will continue to die from unspeakable hardships as well as from Burmese rifles. That will not stop La Seng from delivering hope and love to people who never wanted war in the first place, the IDP. It would also be advised that people contact their politicians and ask why there is no support for the Kachin people. If enough people inquire about Than Shwe’s secret war then maybe we can add enough political pressure to stop this exercise in eugenics before the Kachin are eliminated from the face of the earth. And shame on the western media for ignoring the war and this epic humanitarian crisis.

Photos provided by the KIO/KIA & La Seng Labya

Contact Le Seng and learn how you can participate in this humanitarian mission to Kachin State in Burma;

Pastor La Seng Labya

DFW Kachin Baptist Church

1000 West Lamar Blvd

Arlington, Texas, 76012-2097




 * The Evil Genius, Than Shwe and the Current Reforms


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, (Shan Htoi Gam)

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Buffalohair, Burmas Secret War the Corporate World Wants to Keep Quiet


Burma’s Secret War the Corporate World Wants to Keep Quiet

As the world celebrates Suu Kyi’s landslide victory (again), sanctions are already being lifted as if all is well within Burma’s borders. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth as ethnic cleansing and wholesale genocide continues unabated in Kachinland. It is a hoax and a bold faced lie that Burma is moving in the right direction but it’s a nice piece of theatrics for those who enjoy melodramatic fiction. Ask a Kachin and they will tell you their nation is under siege as the world ignores rape, murder and wholesale genocide. And sadly, Suu Kyi remains Burma’s most beautiful hostage.


Though the Kachin or Jinghpaw people are all alone in the world fighting for their very existence, valiant soldiers continue to counting coup against insurmountable odds against the fetid Burmese Army. Most recently a team of *KIA troops along with volunteers from the Peoples Army captured and destroyed a critically strategic check point at Pangsai (Kyukok) in Shan State. Unfortunately this crucial victory as well as the growing numbers of internally displaced Kachin people has gone under the radar of the mainstream media globally. The use of chemical and biological weapons against Kachin civilians has also become non issue since the world remains oblivious.


The realities of Burma’s ethnic cleaning operation continue to elude the press it would appear. But after some research it is clear as to why crimes against humanity being committed in Kachinland go underreported or ignored entirely. The parent companies of many western and international news groups have been and continue to be invested in Burma. Just remember that major corporations from throughout the world have always been in Burma siphoning off trillions of dollars in profits from natural resources while lining the pockets of corrupt dictators from Ne Win to Than Shwe. Sanctions, what sanctions for they were ignored in the most elaborate money laundering operation in the world.


The real purpose in forming this sham civilian government was to sugar-coat existing corporations who violated impotent sanctions in the first place. Now that modern technology is starving for rare earth minerals, uranium, gold and other precious commodities Kachinland is prime real-estate since its rich with these natural resources and more. Another fetid reality of the war in Kachinland is that corporate interests of the free world are allowing Burma to do their dirty work in eliminating the Jinghpaw people from this cornucopia of resources. Rather than face public scrutiny, especially during election time, they are buying politicians who favour  global expansionism for the sake of investors and the corporate bottom line, much like they are doing in South America and Africa. Sadly their hands are red with Kachin blood in spite of their triangulated support of Kachin genocide through the puppet regime of Thein Sein.


Woefully underestimated by the western world, the Kachin Independence Army is a disciplined, articulate and well oiled fighting machine. Their legendary military prowess saved thousands of allied lives in the Second World War, or did you forget that part? It is said that one Kachin soldier is equal to 1,000 Burmese soldiers. But in all reality I would double or triple this calculation for they are achieving the impossible in spite of the junta’s use of aircraft, biological & chemical weapons and all the advance technology that is at their disposal. This is more likened to David and Goliath for this conflict is of biblical proportions. And it is though absolute faith within their Christian faith they are achieving the impossible. Miracles upon miracles continue to make themselves known as the legions of greed and evil continue to be defeated in one bloody battle after another. In one instance the KIA ceased fire on inept Burmese soldiers who were obviously forced to do battle with the elite Kachin forces. The Kachin simply could not ethically fire on children who were forced to the front lines by cowardly elder Burmese troops. Many Burmese soldiers don’t share the concept of honour and valour and continue to rape and murder unarmed women and children when given the chance.


One Jinghpaw told me of how all Kachin soldiers realize they are facing certain death with overwhelming odds against them every time they go on a mission. Rather than instilling fear from this reality they find more raw courage and determination because they are fighting for their very existence and not just a chunk of real-estate. From their beloved general on down the fresh recruits they march with their iron clad belief system and it is proving to be the Kachin’s ultimate secret weapon. I’ve always contended that absolute faith within one’s dogma is the key to survival and the KIA is a perfect example of this axiom.


As the secret war in Kachinland becomes known around the world people from all nations are shocked that this struggle has gone so long without mainstream notoriety. It is not the people of these nations who do not care about the Kachin; it’s the corporate owned media who are ham-strung and disallowed from giving equal coverage of crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated on innocent human beings in Burma and Kachinland to this day. Already, the Kachin are finding more and more allies globally. People are asking questions about their politicians who seem oblivious to the cries of the Kachin people. Are these politicians in collusion with fetid and morally bankrupt corporations who are vested in the slaughter of the Kachin people? Just follow the money.


In any event Burma’s secret war against the Kachin people is no longer a secret as more people become aware of the atrocities being committed. Though Suu Kyi stole the headlines by winning yet another election it is clear there will be questions asked about why the Kachin issue is not being addressed. Why is it OK to ignore the wholesale murder of innocent Kachin people? The answer is really quite simply, Suu Kyi is still a hostage and powerless to do anything or she will finish out her years under house arrest. The world already betrayed her after she won the 1990 presidential election. The world sat idly by as her supporters were murdered in Depayin during a failed assassination attempt in May of 2003. She spent most of her life in confinement after that bloody event. The Saffron Revolution of 2007 was yet another massacre nations did nothing but sit idly by and make spineless watered down sanctions. She can very well be tossed in jail today and the world would still do nothing but gawk and make fanciful speeches to their electorates to look like they are doing something.


After all, the sham constitution of 2008 still gives the Tatmadaw absolute control no matter how many seats the NLD holds in parliament. But if you actually paid attention to what Suu Kyi says, she is not in favour of lifting sanctions no matter what the mainstream and pro junta advocates purport. And this juncture, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. But for my Jinghpaw brothers and sister they already see the handwriting on the wall and realize they must stand alone. Well except for their Red Indian cousin because I stand with the Jinghpaw and will always stand with the Jinghpaw. And if they die, I may very well die with them if the opportunity arises.




* http://www.kachinnews.com/news/2268-kachin-forces-capture-burma-army-checkpoint-in-n-shan-state.html


Your Devil’s Advocate



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Buffalohair, Burmese Refugees Coping with Language and Abuse in the USA

Burmese Refugees Coping with Language and Abuse in the USA

Working within the Burmese communities in the Great State of Texas I’ve become keenly aware of the need for educated and certified translators/interpreters. Currently some communities use ad hoc interpreters that usually consist of fellow countrymen who’ve migrated earlier and have a basic knowledge of the English language. These interpreters give their fellow countrymen a sense of security and safety as they try to navigate in this new and complex country. Unfortunately, I’ve also uncovered some horror stories from refugees who normally keep quiet out fear of reporting anyone in a position of authority.

Though immigrant ad hoc interpreters do aid in the assimilation process many do not grasp critical nuances of the English language either and this has caused refugees incalculable harm. Case Workers also share in the lacking of critical communications skills as well as the Racial & Religious discrimination aspect of the refugee’s plight. Tribal and religious differences hinder assimilation for many true refugees since prejudices from Burma prevail under the noses of American based NGO refugee services, even in Dallas-Fort Worth. Intimidation, Hatred, and Fraud are also other very real issues I’ve discovered. Some interpreters and case workers have thrown objects at refugees, shouted and chastised them simply because they did not understand a question or procedure, something the interpreter was negligent in explaining in the first place. What a first impression; “Welcome to America” and wham someone tosses a wad of papers in your face or insults the core of your ethnic identity.

Other interpreter’s absconded food cards for personal use from refugees as well as take commissions under the table for sending groups of tribal immigrants to less than savoury jobbers. Bias has also permeated the courtrooms as inept and prejudice ad hoc’s take sides leaving the refugee with no true voice in court and that is a travesty of justice. Small wonder mental health and social issues are on the rise including suicide because refugees have nowhere to turn. The authority figures they should have confidence lost the sacred bond of trust. The refugee simply falls through the cracks with no recourse and in some cases resort to alcohol, drugs and other vices while destroying their families in the process. With little proper representation the isolation turned their American experience into a nightmare of despair. One Karen woman told me she wished she simply was killed by the junta rather than suffer a slow death in America.

Many ad hoc interpreters have become agents for various unscrupulous religious organizations and use their position to gather parishioners while in the service of their NGO. The fact many refugees are either Buddhist or Muslim targets them for neglect and abuse if they are not aligned with other dogmas. I’ve read the ethics codes of many NGO refugee services and it is expressly forbidden to solicit and promote religion in the course of their duties yet it prevails with a vengeance. If you are a Buddhist or Muslim you are considered a second class refugee and are offered menial job opportunities if any. Members of the same tribe or religion as the interpreter or case worker are offered more lucrative job offers. Some interpreters simply ignore other tribes but go through the motions while focusing on their people in earnest. They have their clients lie about the language they speak regardless of the fact most people speak Burmese. This is common place.

Only a fraction of the refugees do not speak Burmese in reality because Burmese is the primary language with everything written and spoken in Burmese, even in tribal areas. One person told an interpreter he only spoke a tribal language, in perfect Burmese, costing time and money to NGO’s and service providers to accommodate his demands. Later it was learned he was fluent in several languages including Burmese. But it’s the least connected refugee with true language barriers that faces the steepest obstacles because the cards are stacked against them almost from the time they arrive on American shores. After all, they truly don’t know English or the concept of modern living and their naïveté places them at the mercy of others for even the basics.

The most vulnerable tribes I’ve documented, so far, are the Kayah and the Karen but it’s the Buddhists and Muslims as a whole who bare the brunt of racial and religious inequality. They do not get the qualitative medical services they are entitled to and employment opportunities are given to others. Indifference to the needs of the less fortunate ‘real refugees’ is rampant throughout the field by racially, financially and religiously motivated interpreters and case workers. There is a conspiracy within some groups to affix members in translation/interpreter and case working positions in an effort to hoard critical services and benefits. Some interpreters have gone as far as to teach their tribesman how to defraud the system of food cards, welfare and other illicit activities. One interpreter took her clients to a friend to do their taxes. She received a finder’s fee; the refugees got a giant tax return with the help of a shady taxman only to pay back taxes and fines for filing a bogus return later in the year. Unaware of possible legal recourse they quietly pay the bill and remain silent.

Several religious figures have promoted ‘making babies’ to garner more monies from the federal government by way of aid. The use of religion as a tool for the manipulation of the less fortunate is all too common. Criminality is rampant on many fronts since the victims are totally unaware of their rights and continue to be subjugated as if they were still in Burma. and that is quite illegal from a human rights perspective. By no means do I imply all Christian interpreters are frauds and churches bogus for it was Christians who pointed out these abuses of faith and authority within their communities to me in the first place. They asked me to share this situation to the world for awareness in an effort to stem the tide of fraud that appears to be gaining momentum.

The pulpit has become an instruction guide for human trafficking of brides, welfare, medical, and food assistance fraud. Recruitment into the rolls of these churches is the primary goal for many interpreters and I’ve documented more cases than I could have imagined during my investigation. Basically fraudsters have brought the feudal and corrupted system from Burma to the US and are preying on the tribes they preyed on before. Not all interpreters are corrupted but there are enough of them to bring this situation to the attention of both state and federal agencies. Since I also cover human rights issues throughout the world I truly believe this situation is common with other refugee communities. Somali’s face the same plight as criminals from Al Shabaab find a new way to America, just act like a refugee, get a UN name, set up shop and abuse their own people, again. Only this time, the pie is much bigger. Rather than swindle a villager out of a goat or a chicken, they swindle them out of their cash and food.

The lack of real education within the ad hoc communities is rampant as well. Many interpreters have fraudulent diplomas from high school, seminary schools, colleges and other places of higher education, out of Malaysia. Sadly I’ve uncovered many frauds that don’t even have high school certificates but have nice degrees printed up in either Malaysia or the US. It’s a wide spread scam and I’ve only touched the tip of the ice berg since there is much more I uncovered over the years. As a tax paying US citizen I am completely disgusted with what some of these interpreters, case workers and bogus religious figures are doing within the confines my country. Those are yours and my tax dollars these thugs are stealing. They are reinventing themselves and their flock to become the next generation of welfare recipients intentionally. Some places of worship have become dens of iniquity where they conspire and promote fraud within their ethnic groups and the innocent refugees are caught in the crossfire and ignored. I sat in as a preacher expounded on how it was OK to buy and traffic a young wife to America and how it was OK to lie about ‘some things’ to get more cash from welfare. What is that all about eh?

Fortunately I have readers and friends from the Texas Legislature, House of Representatives, Congress, Homeland Security and the White House itself and this story is a heads up for them. After years of investigation I have volumes that would raise the hair on a person’s neck because of the totality of abuse being committed by people in a position of trust. It’s all about protecting the people who’ve come to America to escape tyranny and it’s also about protecting the integrity of the interpreter/translator and refugee services immigrants depend on. From medical services to the legal system people deserve a fair and unbiased professional to aid them in the assimilation process. The lack of accountability and the need for checks and balances within this professional occupation is all too apparent.

The lack of integrity within the interpreter/translator and refugee services has made a void where criminality flourishes. I know exactly how far this has gone for it is actually out of control since there is no comprehensive regulatory protocol. If there is protocol than the need for enforcement should be the next course of action and allow due process to take its course within our legal system. There is no excuse for fraud and tax evasion and it is clear these are just some of the issues that must be addressed along with other crimes that are being committed on the hapless refugee. Some of the players are already deep within the system but I identified them and they are now my science project. Most people are oblivious to the silent cries of the innocent victims of racial and religious inequality but I hear them loud and clear. I am their witness and would speak before congress when the opportunity arises.

It is time for all interpreter/translators and case workers to fall under state and federal regulations with checks and balances to insure quality and professionalism within this specialized and challenging career. Would you trust a ‘doctor’ with shady credentials to perform surgery on you? Of course the answer is no, so by the same token interpreter/translators and case workers should follow the same protocol as other professionals do. The fact interpreters and case workers literally have the lives of others in their control should be reason enough to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and ethics regardless if it’s a NGO or a government agency.

We are not in South East Asia and we don’t have to settle for ‘someone’ who knows a little English to communicate with other tribes we encounter deep in the jungle. We are in America and there are educated and qualified people, with verifiable credentials, capable and qualified to maintain the level of excellence required in this critical field. Training should be uniform with applied theorem within the curriculum and language assessments should be performed by third party testers completely unaffiliated or under the direct control of state to maintain integrity. The system that exists today is totally corrupt since NGO evaluators hire their spouses and friends who have no qualifications other than tribal affiliation. The damage they’ve done to refugees would fill a book but I’ve rambled long enough.

Integrity is the cornerstone of excellence and professionalism

Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, Hey Suu Kyi, Senator Webb, Don’t Forget the War in Kachin State!

Hey Suu Kyi, Senator Webb, Don’t Forget the War in Kachin State!

As we listen to feel good speeches and news about dignitaries from every planet in the universe clamoring to eat ngapi with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, civil war continues to rage in Kachin State. People are dying and cities are being shelled by Burmese heavy artillery. Citizens of all ages are being shot at random and refugee centers are filling to capacity but oddly the humanitarian crisis is being ignored, completely. Then Senator Jim Webb praises the *“Historical Steps” the junta has taken. Surely he meant hysterical.

Burmese troops have invaded Kachin State and are in a major offensive against the Kachin Independence Army. The war is taking its toll on the civilian populations as Burmese troops advance raising villages and townships as they go. **Civilians have been tortured, raped and executed by government forces in Kachin State while attention has focused on Burma’s Metamorphoses. In realty it’s more like flipping a burger since one side is still on the fire. In this case the Kachin are still being murdered while the media rejoices over ‘breaking’ events and tea parties. It is a very good thing ‘prisoners of conscience’ are being released so I hate to rain on the parade but people are dying here. Why doesn’t Billary Clinton make a case for the Kachin people? Surely she heard about it since every Kachin (Jinghpaw) organization, exile and refugee on the planet contacted the governments of Canada, US and UK. Or did someone misplace the memo?

Since the Kachin are only about 1.5% of the population of Burma I guess it does not really matter what is happening to them, right? After all, Burma is about to open its doors and let freedom ring across the land. ‘Wal-Mart Superstores’ in Mandalay, ‘6 Flags Over Chin Mountain’ and ‘Hooters’ in Naypyidaw! Corporations have already begun to slice up the Burmese pie as her resources become ‘available’ in this latest round of junta sponsored Glasnost. Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, Jade, Rubies, Emeralds, Rare Earth Minerals, etc and a cornucopia of agricultural resources are ripe for the picking. And let’s not forget the endless supply of cheap and affordable slaves, porters, and indentured workers eager to work for almost nothing, to the joy of the IMF and WTO. To top it all off, prisoners are coming out of Insein Prison and Aung San Suu Kyi is running around all over the place saying cool stuff and eating out a lot. She does not gain a single ounce body fat either. How do you do it girl?

Unfortunately not all of Burma’s riches are up for grabs. Remember those annoying Kachin’s and that pesky civil war thing Billary Clinton was oblivious to? Those Kachin people literally live on a gold mine. In fact, Kachin State is rich in a multitude of natural resources including gold. The primary reason the junta wants to exterminate this tribe of people in the first place is for their ancient sovereign land and its resources. There is a slight problem with Burma’s wholesale land grab when it comes to Kachin State though. The people are not buying into the junta’s bogus scheme one bit. They might be only 1.5% of the population of Burma but they are 100% pissed off and are not taking this lightly. After all, the junta is bombing them to pieces regardless of Thein Sein’s theatrics’ about peace negotiations. Sounds good in the world press but for the Kachin it’s business as usual while the junta shells Kachin State into oblivion in an internationally ignored civil war.

Gen. Than Shwe’s on going ethnic cleansing operation continues unencumbered in Kachin State to this day while the world makes pudding and sweet cake with the Burmese government. How come Billary Clinton failed to bring focus on the humanitarian crises in Kachin State as she paved the way for industry? Critical diplomatic leverage could have been applies at this opportune juncture provided anyone really cared. I hope this does not have anything to do with the Clinton Foundation’s cozy relationship with Barrick Gold, subsidiaries and their list of donors from the global mining and oil/gas exploration industries. The foundation has the audience of newly released Burmese comedian Maung Thura “Zarganar” and I find that v-e-r-y suspicious as well. What is that all about eh?

Surely Barrick and friends would benefit from the relaxation of sanctions and there is no question Kachin State would be a top priority for exploration and development of the vast resources this region possesses. There are billions in untapped wealth waiting to be exploited by foreign interests. Maybe Billary Clinton simply forgot about Kachin State while wrangling for a piece of Burma’s wealth like the rest of the world. She just forgot but as soon as she remembers everything will be OK, provided the junta has not succeeded in killing the Kachin first. Now that would be a “Historic Step” worthy of international attention; the annihilation of a race of people. How special.

The grandiose excuse the world offers for unprofitable humanitarian causes is the old stand by; “This is in internal matter”. But if the shoe were on the other foot and resources were in the hands of folks unfriendly with corporate developers this would be a global humanitarian effort filled with moral blarney on the air waves. They would supply the Kachin’s rockets, bombs, air support and a drone attack on Canadian targets just for realism. News wires would be abuzz with tales of the epic human struggle as Kachin people fight for their liberty. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening in the near future. Besides, the Kachin would not allow for international corporate interests to simply march in and turn Kachin State into a giant cyanide pit for gold extraction anyway. The land is sacred to the Jinghpaw, wow that sounds familiar. The axiom of sacred homeland simply does not fly with global conglomerates and investors that are eager to harvest Burma’s bounty. Then again I might just be a little paranoid since this is a reflection of Native American history. Come to thing of it, the world sat around while Euroid expatriates raided the America’s for that funny yellow metal for hundreds of years. The land was the spoils and the indigenous survivors of genocide were relegated to colonies or reserves. Hmm, now that was depressing.

It is like looking back in time and watching as my people are slaughtered by the US cavalry with Gary Owen playing in the back ground. The military junta of Burma is waging a war of ethnic cleansing in Kachin State and this is not getting any air time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice the junta has begun doing cool things but it’s the same old smoke screen ploy Than Shwe is famous for. While he has the attention of the world directed elsewhere he is murdering people and in this case it’s the Kachin’s. And for some stupid reason the mainstream media is simply ignoring this humanitarian catastrophe in favor of nicer more palatable news for the west about Burma. Nothing fair and balance about that eh. But when you realize much of the media is owned by conglomerates who also own mining companies it’s easy to see why the Kachin are not getting press. Then again it could all be just one big coincidence.

The public should speak with Kachin’s struggling to locate loved ones in villages the junta just burned to the ground. Or console a Kachin whose family members were killed in the shelling of civilian targets by Burmese troops. The war in Kachin State is a very real and the reality is the civilian government of Burma is a sham regardless of the prisoner release and all the feel good press. The continued bloodshed in Kachin State is proof positive that nothing has changed in the grand scheme of things. It also proved just how powerless President Thein Sein really is over the Tatmadaw. Big Daddy Than Shwe is still in the drivers seat and that should be a no brainer. The junta has also managed to divide the spirit of democracy by offering peace to some while waging war on others in classic ‘Than Shwe Divide and Conquer’ flare. He is really good at this rouse and it’s only a matter of time before his thugs target public places to keep the divisions strong.

Will the beneficiaries of Burma’s new found humanity ignore the cries of the Kachin and other people who continue to be murdered? With other ethnic groups entering into agreements with the junta this provides a good opportunity to consolidate forces against the Kachin. And since no one is paying attention the junta will get away with genocide while the media praises Burma’s Metamorphosis. Maybe Senator Jim Webb should count the many “Historic Steps” Burma has already taken in the past only to arrest and kill its citizens later.

Hey Senator Webb;

How about a few “Historic Steps” for the people of Kachin State???

Is the continued killing of civilians to politically incorrect to mention on this hysterical occasion?

Or did you just loose the memo like Billary did?

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=22863

** http://www.kachinnews.com/news/2215-burma-army-continues-killing-unarmed-civilians-in-hpakant.html


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, Ibrahim Gambari, the contemporary Nevil Chamberland

Ibrahim Gambari, the contemporary Nevil Chamberland

Inadvertently the United Nations has qualified the criminal junta that has enslaved the nation of Burma. Liken to Nevil Chamberland and his association with Adolf Hitler Gambari and the military junta have become bedfellows. This new so called “Constitution” is nothing more than criminality on paper and will one day be part an parcel evidence whence the criminals of “Crimes Against Humanity” come to trial.

Apparently Gambari was swayed by the lavish accommodations provided by the band of thugs who have enslaved Burma. The track record of some of the leadership at the UN has dubious honors to say the very least. What are you thinking Gambari? Does the wholesale murder of monks and innocent protesters stir any interest what so ever? How can you justify any dialog from a rouge regime who has arrested all opposition and their leadership?

Like Nevil Chamberland who simply ignored the cries of human beings being exterminated to purport peace from Hitlers Germany, he said nothing or simply ignored the cries from the Burmese people. How many monks must die? How many innocent people must be arrested and tortured? What exactly needs to be done or said before this inert organization makes a stand for Human Rights? How far beyond stupid has the United Nations become? For all the billions this organization has received over the years, their response is simply a letter of condemnation. Hmm, that’s about fifty cents for the piece of paper, the envelope and a stamp. Should I include the price of ink from the pen?

Obviously all the nations of the world have followed suit to some degree since criminals still kill and torture those who oppose the iron fisted rule of the Burmese government. “Lets write Mayanmar a nasty letter”, oh boy that will show them. And now, Japanese industrialist, of all people, have taken the bait and decided China is way to expensive. They plan to move their textile industry to Burma to take advantage of the slave labor. Maybe the sleeping giant (China) will finally realize the military junta of Burma would stab them in the back as well. I know the honorable Japanese people who would be appalled by this reality since they’ve already suffered corruption from industry leaders in the past. So lets tell them.

It is time for the human spirit to unite in a global effort to quell totalitarianism on a grand scale. Chevron and Total Oil are only the tip of the ice berg as far as “free world” enterprises who glean a profit from human suffering. And I’ll wager there are thousands of other “free world” industries who are invested in the Burmese criminal government. Who is invested in Burma? Well lets find out and I know you will be surprised. With an army of journalists reading this article it is time to dig for facts boys and girls. It is time to expose the greedy who have capitalized on the bones of the innocent and fueled their cars with human blood. The pen is mightier than the sword as they say. Time for the sleeping dragon to awaken.

Humanity has declared war on you Snr-Gen Than Shwe and one day there will be another Nuremberg Trial. Along with thugs, Tay Za, Chevron Execs, Total Execs, Execs from Japan, Switzerland and the USA who dishonor their nations, others will be added to the list of human rights violators. Like they say in America, you can run but you can’t hide and now it’s time for every human being from all nations to expose these culprits. Let their industries be known world wide, let their corporations be known, let their cronies be known and let them hang in the gallows of shame.

The human beings of the world are armed with the most powerful weapon of all. It is the dollar, yen and other forms of currency. We can make a difference if we unite and stop buying from these supporters of hatred and greed. It is time for humanity to stand up and be heard. We will simply stop buying from them and cripple them in the pocket book. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship they will begin to crumble and point fingers at one another as the world looks on. Those with no honor will betray their own.

We can bring tyranny to it’s knees within a year if we all band together and assault them financially. It’s all about the money for the corporations of the world who secretly side with the criminal Burmese government. No money, no corporation, how simple is that eh? Remember the saying, “Fight Fire with Fire”? It is time to go on the offensive and hit them where it counts, in the wallet, the stock markets, the gas pumps and the stores where we shop. Money is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and now it’s time for the mouse to roar.


Your Devil’s Advocate
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Buffalohair, Gen. Than Shwe’s Scheme to Legitimize Sham Gov. Fails, AGAIN!!

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Gen. Than Shwe’s Scheme to Legitimize Sham Gov. Fails, AGAIN!!

Well its back to the drawing board as Than Shwe’s feeble attempt to show reforms in Burma failed dismally, again. The sham government of ‘retired’ generals has not fooled anyone in spite of the assistance of the western press. Just remember the western press is owned part and parcel by corporations who continue to violate UN imposed sanctions. By not releasing all the political prisoners he only validated the fact nothing has changed in Burma. Sadly, it’s the people of Burma who must bare the brunt of Than Shwe’s failed carefully calculated fraud. Hope has returned to despair as more opposition leaders are targeted to refill the emptied prisons, if they are not tortured and murdered first.


Thein Sein is as much the president of Burma as I am for he is truly powerless and only the latest scapegoat in Than Shwe’s plot to legitimize this fetid criminal regime. Thein Sein is only a puppet like the rest of the generals who retired at the same time and coincidentally formed bogus political parties for the sham 2010 election. With crimes against humanity running rampant across the country it should be as plain as the nose on your face that the people of Burma are still under siege. But in a world that only cares for the corporate bottom line; humanity has no place in the grand scheme of things therefore the world has blood on their hands as well as the junta.


In reality the world has become a cesspool of governmental and corporate corruption and frankly man is powerless to stop this putrid trend. Fortunately nature and other elements within our true existence have other plans and soon we all will reap what we have sown. Profits gleaned from slave labor are cursed and the people who’ve profiteered on the bones of others, either on purpose or by investments, will bare the brunt as catastrophes unfold. That is prophecy whether you want to hear it or not. Than Shwe and his thugs will learn the hard way much like the rest of the world who capitalized on China’s Gulag System. Africa was targeted by greedy corporations as trillions of dollars in natural resources left the continent, much like Burma. The list goes on and on as greedy globalists who profiteer in Burma spread their cancer around the world.


Than Shwe was eager to legitimize his criminal regime so more corporations could come in and rape this once proud nation. China wants to keep this criminal in power for he literally takes pennies on the dollar for him and his generals while leaving his nation to fend for themselves. The dam and pipeline projects were both environmental and humanitarian disasters with no benefit to the people they would displace. His war on education was another fiasco since he and his thugs replaced education with his burgeoning drug industry for Burma’s youth. Extorting humanitarian aid agencies within Burma has gleaned the junta millions in aid monies that never made its way to the people. Cyclone Nargis was a classic example of how billions of dollars made its way into junta pockets while whole communities were turned into ghost towns. Stricken areas continue to be haunted by lost souls and people tell me they can hear the moans of the dead in this haunted land. Than Shwe’s coupe de grace surely is his policy of Burmanization; the wholesale raping ethnic civilian women to spread the Burman seed while diluting the ethnic blood line. And it’s in full swing in ethnic regions as of this writing.


Now, international corporations are eager to take advantage of Than Shwe’s short sighted greed and offer him trinkets so they can steal resources and use the citizens as slaves of cheap labor. If only Than Shwe could have pulled off this ‘legitimization’ scam then Foxconn could build a plant in Rangoon for the cheap labor Than Shwe can offer them. Suicides would earmark their arrival much like they do in China as people jump to their deaths because of horrific working conditions. Sadly many US computer firms, including Apple, use Foxconn for their component needs further cursing the general public who’ve invested in them. And you wonder why you are about to loose everything in the stock market for they are destined to fall and fall big time.


Pretend all you want but the duly elected Burmese Government is still in bondage and criminals continue to hold this nation hostage. I stand with the people of Burma who continue to fight for democracy and I refuse to sugar coat the lies that are being vomited from the mouths of this sham regime or their constituents. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and soon the military junta will feel the wrath of retribution. So will others who’ve capitalized in tyranny and slave labor for this is also a part of prophecy.


I offer Prayers to my brothers and sister who continue to be raped, tortures and murdered in prisons across Burma while the world sits complacent and oblivious to their suffering.


Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, When I Sip Tea with Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw

When I Sip Tea with Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw

Only when I am sipping tea with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw will I believe change has finally come to Burma. In fact I would love to have a radio show in Burma when she is finally free. Sadly, as of now it’s still the same old thing where the junta is using the political prisoners as a tool of manipulation. Knowing everyone in power was personally selected by Than Shwe and still held accountable to him also casts a shadow on all the alleged positive change. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has already eluded to the fact we must stay vigilant as Burma acts like its moving towards democracy. After all, she is the boss not all these non profiteers around the world and I take my marching orders from her only.


This prisoner release thing happened before and just because Thein Sein went to China over the dam issue still means little. China could easily be a party to this rouse and it would not be the first time. Knowing the theatrics the junta is known for makes me even more suspicious and I still worry for Suu Kyi’s life because everyone is getting complacent. With my brothers and sisters in Kachin State under siege while junta troops continue to rape and pillage also sheds a dark cloud on the so called progress in Burma. How can there be change when people are still dying because of their ethnicity? My friends are still in the jungle fighting for their very existence. That’s not change, that’s just a smoke screen.


I read all these fluffy stories about Burma’s change but in all actuality I smell a rat in the rice bin. I want to be wrong in the worst way but I fear this is just another elaborate Than Shwe scheme since it has his finger prints all over it. Only when Than Shwe is rotting away will I believe change has come to Burma. His spell would be broken and his generals can finally move the country in a positive direction. They would no longer have to live under threat of demotion or prison either. If only his astrologers told him the truth of his journey in the after life then maybe he would have instilled real change in Burma before he died. Sadly, he faces an eternity of retribution and so do his henchmen.


Earlier this year I spoke to constituents with a message from Than Shwe, they asked me to write something positive about Burma. In return I said I would if Uncle Than would actually do something positive and gave me proof. I’m still waiting for his response and he knows how to contact me personally. Like I told Aung and Margaret; “Tell Uncle Than to give me some proven facts and I will give him and the junta the greatest write up I can muster if these changes are real and I would spread it around the world” Making peace with all the ethnic minorities such as the Shan, Kachin, Mon, Karen, Wa and a host of other tribes would be a great start. The political prisoners should have been released years ago when he opened up the prisons back then.


Now I am hearing the same rhetoric coming out of Thein Sein’s mouth and it reeks of Than Shwe’s handiwork plain and simple. Will the 6,000 plus prisoners contain all political prisoners or just a hand full people near death? It was sad to note the last prisoner release contained murderers, drug dealers, rapists and other thugs while ignoring most of the political prisoners. I really want to be wrong about Thein Sein and all his lip service, I really do.


Only when I can smell shrimp paste in the air while having a chat with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw will I believe change has finally come to my beloved Burma.


Come on Uncle Than; let Burma live once again and take it’s rightful place in the world as the economic powerhouse it should be.


Your Devil’s Advocate

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